Serinda Swan Never Wants to Reuse 1 Skill She Learned for Reacher Season 2

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Serinda Swan, Reacher

After learning numerous skills for her role in Reacher Season 2, star Serinda Swan knows one that she does not want to reuse.

Swan took on a major supporting role in Amazon Prime Video's Reacher Season 2 as Karla Dixon, who proves herself to be an excellent fighter and investigator for Reacher's team with only three episodes remaining.

The series has also shown the depth and emotion behind Dixon and Reacher's relationship with one another, even though she does not want much from him, as they work together to avenge their friends' deaths.

One Reacher Skill Serinda Swan Will Never Reuse

Serinda Swan in Reacher Season 2
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Speaking with Black Film and TV on YouTube, Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan discussed some of the stuntwork she had to do during her time on set.

When asked if there were any skills she picked up that were different from other shows she has worked on, Swan detailed that "surviving the freezing cold when [she goes] to Antarctica" was something she learned how to do.

This included learning "how to talk with [her] mouth completely frozen," which is a skill she never wants to reuse in the future if she can avoid it:

"Surviving the freezing cold when I go to Antarctica next even though I never will. I don’t want that skill set, I never want to use that skill set again, I don’t want to have to learn how to talk with my mouth completely frozen. I have that skill set."

Swan notably had one complaint about her stuntwork for Season 2, explaining in a recent interview that she would have liked to have more time to prepare for the stunts before shooting.

This led to some teasing about her wanting to do the Alone show, a survival competition series that sees competitors survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible for a prize of $500,000 USD.

While Swan wants to do the series, she only wants to do it if it's in a warm and tropical location like Hawaii:

"I want to do 'Alone' so badly. But, 'Alone in Hawaii'. That’s my– When you guys do that show, 'Alone in Hawaii,' I’m your girl.  You’ll just see me there with a suntan and a coconut."

Swan then touched on her preparation for the series in terms of reading Lee Child's Reacher book series, joking about how the show was filmed in Toronto while the original book, Bad Luck and Trouble, took place in Los Angeles.

But with the books being the source material for the show, Swan "grabbed the book...and started diving into her character" as soon as she found out her role:

"It’s interesting, because the book is the entire story, right? Where… in television, you don’t get the entire season, right? You get one or you get audition sides and that’s it. So, until you actually get the role, you’re not in it yet. You can read it– I had a quick look at it and was like, ‘Set in Los Angeles? Great. I live in Los Angeles.’ Cut to: we’re in Toronto right now, a little bit colder. But yeah, you definitely you read the character description ’cause that’s coming from the source. And then as soon as I got it, I grabbed the book, and I went right in, and started diving into her character."

She then reminisced on the moment when Child came to the Reacher set and told her, "You’re a Karla Dixon, for sure," calling it "a pretty incredible moment:"

"And then, she’s in a few more of the books so trying to figure out what that looks like like, and then ultimately when Lee Child came on set, it was like, 'Did I do it? Did we do it? How does this look?' And he was very gracious and he was like, 'You’re a Karla Dixon, for sure.' And I was like, 'Thanks Lee.' So, that was a pretty incredible moment. But yeah, the book definitely helped. The whole world’s there. It’s incredible.”

What Will Happen in Reacher Season 2?

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers through Reacher Season 2, Episode 5.

After seeing everything that went down in Episode 5 of Reacher Season 2, Karla Dixon and the rest of Team Reacher will not have an easy task in taking down New Age Technologies and avenging their lost teammates.

In a clip shared exclusively by The Direct, the team was ambushed at Calvin Franz's funeral, all while Shane Langston and his crew do everything in their power to stop a shipment of 650 missiles and launchers from getting to their buyers.

With only three episodes remaining in this season, there are still plenty of mysteries to solve and questions to answer as Dixon, Reacher, and the team do everything in their power to keep the world safe.

The first five episodes of Reacher Season 2 are available to stream on Prime Video. Episode 6 will debut at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday, January 4, 2024.

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