Serinda Swan Reveals Why She Complained on Set of Reacher Season 2

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Serinda Swan, Reacher

Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan shed some light on one complaint she had while filming the Amazon Prime Video show.

Best known for her appearances on Dwayne Johnson's Ballers series and Marvel TV's ill-fated season of Inhumans, Swan joins a cast full of A-list actors for Reacher Season 2 as the series makes its return.

In the series, Swan plays a former member of Reacher's Special Investigations Unit named Karla Dixon - a master of math and numbers who also shows a romantic interest in Alan Ritchson's leading character.

Serinda Swan's Reacher Season 2 Complaint

Serinda Swan's Reacher Season 2
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In a pair of interviews, Serinda Swan shared one complaint that she had while she was filming her material for Amazon Prime Video's Reacher Season 2.

Speaking with Screen Rant about whether the cast got any military training before shooting, Swan admitted that she did "complain" about how the stunts came together on the day of filming without proper preparation. However, everybody was ultimately pleased with how the action looked on camera:

"The thing was that we did [the stunts] on the day. Like, it was amazing. While part of it, I would complain, the other part is they were like, ‘No, we just know that you guys are able to do it.’ So it was like, on the day, you do this, you tap, you clear. We had to clear a house once, and they just give you exactly what it is. And then, we feel unprepared, but when you watch it back, you’re like ‘We kinda look like a bunch of badasses.’ Because we were really concerned."

She explained how nobody wants "to emulate somebody else’s profession and not do it properly," wishing the cast could have gotten an extra couple of months of training and hanging out together before filming started:

"You never want to emulate somebody else’s profession and not do it properly, especially if you’re supposed to be at such a high level as we are. So the training was definitely there, but do we wish that we got to be here for, like, two months beforehand all hanging out? Yeah! A hundred percent, that would have been amazing."

Additionally, speaking with LRM Online, Swan discussed scenes that she and her castmates were especially proud of.

While she mentioned "one stunt with a helicopter" that she truly enjoyed and a "scene in a parking lot" alongside co-stars Maria Sten and Shaun Sipos, she particularly loved all of the choreography that she and her team got to do:

"Normally, I have, like, one, because there’s always one on the show that I’m like ‘I was a badass.’ I honestly can’t answer that. I have one stunt with a helicopter that was pretty great, I loved that one. But I will say, you’re surrounded by badass-ery. We have a scene in a parking lot where I would look over and Maria’s smashing a guy and Shaun has two guys on him pulling and then, all of a sudden, Maria throws her guy at me and it’s this choreography altogether, and it’s such a cool…I don’t know. Do you guys have one specific scene? I don’t."

What Will Happen in Reacher Season 2?

With Reacher Season 2 kicking off with a three-episode premiere, fans are now anxious to find out where this next batch of adventures will go behind Alan Ritchson's humongous hero.

The start of the season sees Reacher reuniting with Serinda Swan's Karla Dixon along with multiple members of the 110th Special Investigators after one of their own was brutally murdered, and that doesn't count three other members that are MIA.

Reacher's viewing audience already sees the chemistry scorching between Dixon and Reacher, as the lead-up to Season 2 teased some romantic tension for them as the show gets back into form.

And with the search for their missing team members and the culprit responsible for murdering another Special Investigator sure to press forward in Episode 4, only time will tell where their relationship goes shortly.

The first three episodes of Reacher Season 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 4 will make its debut on Thursday, December 21 at 8 p.m. ET.

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