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Reacher season 2 characters and cast member

Amazon Prime Video is back in action with Reacher Season 2, complete with a top-notch cast of actors bringing thrilling new characters to life.

Based on Lee Child's Jack Reacher novel series that will run nearly 30 books deep by late 2024, Reacher Season 1 embraced the story delivered in the first book from the series titled Killing Floor.

Season 2 confirmed its Friday, December 15 release date via a new poster, bringing the Reacher series back into the spotlight nearly two years after Season 1 broke streaming records for Prime Video in February 2022.

This new season will jump ahead to Child's 11th Jack Reacher book, Bad Luck and Trouble, taking the story to New York City as the titular hero dives into an adventure tied to his mysterious past and puts friends of his in danger.

Every Actor & Character in Reacher Season 2 Cast

Alan Ritchson - Jack Reacher

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher Season 2
Alan Ritchson

After leading the way as the titular Jack Reacher in Reacher Season 1, it's no surprise to see Alan Ritchson back to reprise his role for Season 2 as the character moves on to new adventures.

Reacher is an ex-military police investigator who first solved a local conspiracy in the fictional Margrave, Georgia after being arrested, taking down politicians, police, and businessmen.

Now, the six-foot-five-inch hero takes his investigative and combat skills to New York City, where he teams up with old friends to find out who is killing off members of his old U.S. Army unit.

Taking the investigation to Boston from New York after he discovers some dirty secrets about New Age Technologies, Reacher uses his wits and his smarts to find the people responsible for killing off his friends.

Ritchson most recently starred in 2023's Fast X and has credits in Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles duopoly, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Titans.

Maria Sten - Frances Neagley

Maria Sten as Frances Neagley in Reacher Season 2
Maria Sten

Maria Sten is the only other returning cast member from Reacher Season 1 outside of Ritchson, reprising her role as Frances Neagley.

Neagley served with Reacher as an Army MP in the 110th Special Investigations Unit, working as a private investigator after leaving the Armed Forces and serving as a valuable asset for Reacher in his own investigations.

She quickly teams back up with Reacher in Season 2 after one of their old team members is murdered, using her skills in espionage and combat to help find the one responsible as she goes outside of her own comfort zone as well.

Sten played an uncredited role in Straight Outta Compton, and she's best known for her appearances in Swamp Thing, Channel Zero, and Persuasion.

Robert Patrick - Shane Langston

Robert Patrick as Shane Langston in Reacher Season 2

Longtime Hollywood veteran Robert Patrick will join forces with Ritchson and company for Reacher Season 2, playing a mysterious new character named Shane Langston.

Langston is a former detective from the NYPD who later becomes the head of security for a private defense contractor, and he quickly finds himself at odds with Reacher's Army unit.

Patrick will use his intimidating presence to make Langston a powerful adversary for Reacher - one who has friends in low places and will do anything he deems necessary to accomplish his lofty goals.

Patrick recently played a key role as Auggie Smith/White Dragon in DC's Peacemaker, and he's best known for his roles in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Marine, True Blood, and Scorpion.

Ferdinand Kingsley - A.M.

Ferdinand Kingsley
Ferdinand Kingsley

Another antagonist for Reacher Season 2 will come in the form of a man named A.M., played by Ferdinand Kingsley.

A.M. is known by Homeland Security as a ghost, working under multiple aliases as he works for the highest bidder.

That anonymity makes him difficult to track, although Reacher and his team will surely notice somebody earning the kind of money that will be coming A.M.'s way in due time. 

Kingsley is also known for his work in The Sandman, Silo, Mank, and Dracula Untold.

Serinda Swan - Karla Dixon

Serinda Swan as Karla Dixon in Reacher Season 2
Serinda Swan

Reacher will find himself reigniting an old flame with one of his love interests from the past, Karla Dixon, played by Serinda Swan.

Dixon is another former member of Reacher's Army unit who has worked as a private investigator in her post-military days, showing off skills in combat and a love for mathematics.

It appears that she also has a certain chemistry with Reacher after years of building a relationship with one another, which brings some heat in Season 2 as they get closer to each other than ever.

Swan embodied the role of Medusa in Marvel and ABC's Inhumans series, and her other big credits include Coroner, Ballers, and Devotion.

Shaun Sipos - David O’Donnell

Shaun Sipos  as David O’Donnell, Reacher Season 2
Shaun Sipos

Another member of Reacher's old team will come in the form of Shaun Sipos' David O'Donnell.

O'Donnell is much different from his teammates as he is perceived as a more standard white-collar worker, with Reacher even joking that he always stands back and watches as the titular hero takes the brunt of the physical work.

He's also not afraid to toe the moral line at times, including using techniques like blackmail and other "sleazy-adjacent" methods to get what he wants.

Sipos can be seen in Texas Chainsaw, Krypton, Outer Range, and The Vampire Diaries.

Domenick Lombardozzi - Guy Russo

Domenick Lombardozzi
Domenick Lombardozzi

Domenick Lombardozzi makes his debut in the Reacher series as an NYPD detective named Guy Russo.

Russo runs into Reacher's team as both are investigating events surrounding the recent murder of Reacher's teammate, and he shows an immediate dislike for Reacher.

Reluctantly working with Reacher's team, he finds himself having to clean up their messes across New York City, although he uses his own police skills to help further both of their causes.

Lombardozzi's resume includes credits in The Family, For Love of the Game, Magnum P.I., and Tulsa King.

Luke Bilyk - Calvin Franz

Luke Bilyk as Calvin Franz, Reacher Season 2
Luke Bilyk

Luke Bilyk becomes a key cast member in Reacher Season 2 as he plays the character Calvin Franz, the man whose murder is responsible for bringing Reacher's old Army unit back together.

In the books, Reacher meets Neagley in California (switched to New York in the show) and discovers that Franz was killed before the former two reach out to their teammates.

Franz is seen in multiple flashbacks as Reacher and crew learn more about the circumstances of his death, which include brutal torture and a great deal of pain.

Bilyk is best known for his role as Drew Torres in Degrassi: The Next Generation, and he also has roles in Good Witch, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and The Porter.

Dean McKenzie - Stan Lowery

Dean McKenzie as Stan Lowery in Reacher Season 2
Dean McKenzie

Another late member of Reacher and Neagley's team who comes to the forefront in Reacher Season 2 is Stan Lowery, portrayed in the show by Dean McKenzie.

In the books, Lowery was the victim of a fatal car accident years before the military team regrouped with one another in this story.

McKenzie is recognizable for his work in Shooter, Supernatural, Arrow, and Smallville.

Edsson Morales - Manuel Orozco

Edsson Morales
Edsson Morales

After the initial murder, Edsson Morales' Manuel Orozco is revealed as one of multiple team members who has gone missing, leading Reacher and the team to go on a massive manhunt.

Morales' biggest credits include Nobody, Rookie Blue, Odd Squad, and Black Summer.

Andrés Collantes - Jorge Sanchez

Andrés Collantes
Andrés Collantes

Jorge Sanchez is another member of the 110th unit who's revealed to be missing, and he's played in Reacher Season 2 by Andrés Collantes.

Collantes started his acting career in 2018, starring in projects such as A Million Little Things, The Night Agent, The Order, and iZombie.

Shannon Kook-Chun - Tony Swan

Shannon Kook-Chun
Shannon Kook-Chun

The third member of Reacher's team that goes missing is Tony Swan, portrayed in Season 2 by Shannon Kook-Chun.

Shannon Kook-Chun has 61 appearances on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and he's also seen in Nancy Drew, The 100, and Shadowhunters.

Joris Jarsky - Saropian

Joris Jarsky joins Reacher Season 2 as Saropian, a brutal professional hitman given the assignment of following Reacher's old military squad members, serving as a danger to everybody involved.

Jarsky is best known for his roles in God's Country, The Little Things, and East of Middle West.

Josh Blacker - Hortense Fields

Josh Blacker
Josh Blacker

Reacher Season 2 will feature Josh Blacker as Hortense Fields, a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army who oversees Reacher's 110th unit and their actions.

Blacker's biggest credits include Elysium, Focus, Stargate Universe, and See.

Al Sapienza - Marsh

Al Sapienza
Al Sapienza

Al Sapienza is cast in Reacher Season 2 as March, an accomplished lieutenant in the NYPD and quite a formidable force in his own right.

Sapienza is known for his roles in The Sopranos, Suits, House of Cards, and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.

Malcolm Goodwin - Oscar Finlay

Episode 4 delivered a shocking and exciting moment for Reacher fans as Malcolm Goodwin returned to play Oscar Finlay, a veteran detective with the Boston Police Department. Goodwin was first seen in all eight episodes of Season 1 as Finlay kept tabs on Reacher in Margrave, Georgia.

When Reacher and O’Donnell interrogate a senator’s aide for information on New Age Technologies, Finlay helps with the questioning as before he and Reacher reminisce on their experience together in Season 1. Reacher even introduces himself as "Jack Margrave," starting the trip down memory lane immediately upon their reunion.

Other performances from Goodwin can be seen in Breakout Kings, iZombie, and American Gangster.

David Macinnis - Parker

David Macinnis portrays a tough goon named Parker, who is first seen in Episode 3 working for Langston.

Parker is seen in a flashback moment beating the living daylights out of Calvin Franz before Langston throws Reacher's comrade out of a helicopter.

Macinnis is recognizable for his work in Sniper: Rogue Mission, 8-Bit Christmas, and Station Eleven.

The first four episodes of Reacher Season 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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