Serinda Swan Admits She Has a Girl-Crush on 1 Reacher Season 2 Co-Star

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Serinda Swan in Reacher

Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan bluntly revealed a girl-crush she has on one of her co-stars.

The Inhumans and Ballers star makes her Reacher debut as part of Season 2's all-star cast playing Karla Dixon, one of Reacher's teammates from his unit and an old flame that reignites when they get together once again.

Serinda Swan's Girl-Crush on Reacher Co-Star

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In an interview with Black Film and TV, Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan looked back at some of the stuntwork she did for her role as Karla Dixon.

While she had a few complaints about the experience, she heaped praise on the stunt team while remembering an exciting scene she did with co-star Maria Sten:

"The thing is, we’re all stubborn, we all want to do our own stunts. We have such a great stunt team, so they’ll do it first so we can watch, and then we’re like 'Yeah, yeah, give it to me.' But there’s a scene with Maria where we’re running through a cemetery, and she’s ahead of me and we’re getting shot at, I actually got shot, that wasn’t as fun. I literally go down, and I’m like 'Oh, my god!'"

This ended with Sten pulling off something akin to a "home base slide" seen in baseball, leading Swan to admit that she had a "girl-crush" on Sten following the impressive move:

"You can tell…I don’t know if they’ve cut that, they’ve had to cut that out. But I look up and Maria’s, like, just 'Terminator'-running, and then she does this like, home base slide, and then like pops up, and gets her gun, and I was like, 'I have a girl-crush.'"

And while Sten tried to play it cool by noting that it had been raining on set, leading to her sliding through mud, Swan reconfirmed her crush on her co-star and celebrated being "on the right show of capable women:"

Sten: "That was not planned, though. That was like, because it had been raining for weeks straight, and we were literally sprinting through mud and I had to just get there."

Swan: "Let’s not diminish the coolness. She’s saying it was muddy, blah, blah, blah. It was cool, I literally had a girl-crush the moment I saw her do that, and I was like, 'I am on the right show of capable women.'"

Sten also touched on one of her own favorite stunts in which she was "thrown into and through glass," reminiscing on how the show's stunt coordinator told her stunt double that she would be able to do a number of more difficult stunts:

"I think I have one where I am being thrown into and through glass, which, normally, is what a stunt double is there for, and my stunt double was like 'So when I go through the glass, obviously I’m doing that, but do you need anything else?' And then our stunt coordinator comes up and is like 'No, she’s doing it.' And my stunt double just said 'What?!’ Because it’s just not normal, I guess, I heard, for a lot of actors to do that level of stuntwork."

She heaped praise on Reacher Season 2's stunt team for catering the stunts to what she and her castmates can do, with the crew letting her do a number of wild stunts for her role:

"But thankfully, we have such a great stunt team that will cater our sequences to what we are capable of doing, and because I’m always like 'Let me do it! I can do it!' I’m very stubborn that way, so they let me do all kinds of really crazy stuff. So for me, that’s probably the one I’m most proud of."

What Will Happen in Reacher Season 2?

Swan and Sten are sure to see plenty more action across the rest of Season 2's story, which just kicked off its run on Amazon Prime Video starting on December 15 with a three-episode premiere.

The season started with one of Reacher's team members being brutally murdered, bringing him and his friends back together for a mission to avenge their teammate's death.

Alan Ritchson's Reacher and crew are clearly out for blood as they put the pieces together to solve this mystery, with Peacemaker's Robert Patrick (Shane Langston) coming in as a terrifying new antagonist seemingly behind the entire plot.

And with five episodes left to learn more about the team and their fallen friend, fans will be anxious to see just how emotional and dramatic the story will get over the coming weeks.

The first three episodes of Reacher Season 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 4 will debut on Thursday, December 21 at 8 p.m. ET.

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