One Piece Live-Action Season 2 Gets New Update from Star: When Will It Release?

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A One Piece star's latest filming update gave fans a better idea of when to expect Season 2's debut.

Based on Eiichiro Oda's pirate mange and anime series, Netflix's adaptation of One Piece and its live-action Straw Hat Pirates was a huge hit with audiences and was renewed for a second season back in September 2023. 

Following production teases from the One Piece writers, the show's Roronoa Zoro star just revealed when cameras are expected to roll for Season 2.

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When Will One Piece Season 2 Release?

In a roughly translated video shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), One Piece star Mackenyu Arata admitted he will be in the United States in the next few months to film Season 2. 

While the Zoro actor did not give a filming start date, this info still offers an idea of when Season 2 could be released, especially if production follows the same production schedule as Season 1. 

For reference, filming for One Piece's first season spanned eight months beginning in January 2022 and ultimately premiering on August 31, 2023.

Therefore, if Season 2 begins filming this Spring, it is reasonable for fans to expect a Summer 2025 or early Fall 2025 premiere, assuming filming stays on schedule. 

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What To Expect From One Piece Season 2

According to Netflix, all five of One Piece's main characters are confirmed to return in the series' second season, including Mackenyu as Zoro and Iñaki Godoy as Luffy.

However, for Season 2, the cast is expected to expand and possibly include the likes of well-known One Piece fan, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Dr. Kureha.

Fans of the anime source material also have their theories about which arcs Netflix could adapt for Season 2

Audiences should expect further confirmations, casting news, and potential plot details once filming for Season 2 officially gets underway, and possibly a release date in the months to come.

Season 1 of One Piece is streaming now on Netflix.

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