One Piece Netflix: Luffy Actor Starts Training for Season 2 (Video)

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Iñaki Godoy as Luffy in One Piece

If a new video is to be believed, it appears that Luffy actor Iñaki Godoy from Netflix's One Piece series has started training for Season 2. 

After a successful first season adapting Eiichiro Oda's beloved anime/manga for live-action, the streamer is headed back to the East Blue, greenlighting more adventures for Godoy's Luffy and his band of iconic pirates

The One Piece creative team had "definitely started writing" Season 2 of the series before it was officially announced, with new episodes reportedly being "a year away" (via Variety) following the end of the ongoing actors' strike in Hollywood. 

While the show's cast has not been able to overtly celebrate the series' renewal, that has not stopped some of them from alluding to their excitement

The Training Begins for One Piece Season 2

Iñaki Godoy training

In a new video on his social media channels, One Piece star Iñaki Godoy shared he has started his training for Season 2 of the hit series. 

Posted on his personal Instagram Stories (and then shared on X by Iñaki Godoy Updates), the Luffy actor can be seen doing some gymnastics work, seemingly prepping for the second season. 

Godoy captioned the video with "Training arc," alluding to the arc style of storytelling One Piece utilizes with its long-running anime and manga. 

The short snippet shows the actor doing a flip like the one his character did several times in the first season of the Netflix smash-hit as he gets himself back into fighting shape. 

This is not the first time Godoy addressed One Piece Season 2 getting announced, sharing a similar post saying “new adventures in the horizon” mere days after the official renewal. 

When Will One Piece Season 2 Release?

As it stands, there is no official release date for One Piece Season 2 on Netflix. 

The streamer has officially announced the second season, which came after weeks of fan speculation about whether it would happen, so now the ball can start rolling in earnest toward this second batch of episodes. 

According to producers Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements, they "have the roadmap" and scripts are pretty well written for Season 2, it is just a matter of getting in front of cameras. 

As is the case with nearly every project in Hollywood right now, nothing can move forward on that front until SAG-AFTRA and the studios can resolve the ongoing actors' strike, but it has been reported that One Piece is a priority for Netflix once the actors can get back to work. 

According to a recent interview with Deadline, filming will "ideally start in early 2024" to avoid the unpredictability of the South African winter. 

Showrunner Matt Owens told the outlet they are "getting scripts done [now] so that [they] can get into design work, scheduling, and pre-production," so when the strike does finish, the series will assumedly be primed to get in front of the camera as soon as possible. 

Season 1 of One Piece can be streamed now on Netflix.

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