Who Is Nuno Gallego? 4 Things to Know About Gangs of Galicia Actor

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Nuno Gallego in Gangs of Galicia

Nuno Gallego plays a tenacious and aspiring drug dealer named Marco in Netflix's Gangs of Galacia

Gangs of Galacia revolves around the unique love story between a lawyer named Ana, who is seeking revenge for the death of her father, and a drug lord named Daniel, whose past decisions haunt him in the present day. 

Also included is Nuno Gallego's Marco, the son of a drug dealer who desperately wants to join the business despite Daniel's wishes. 

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4 Things To Know About Nuno Gallego

Nuno Gallego in Gangs of Galacia
Nuno Gallego

Nuno Gallego Went to Several Art Schools for Acting

Nuno Gallego, 23, has a passion for acting, undergoing training in several schools. 

The Spanish actor studied a course about performing arts and the history of theater and literature at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico.

Gallego also attended other drama schools to improve his acting skills, such as Primera Toma Escuela De Interpretacion and Escuela De Arte Dramatico Municipal de Madrid, and he studied a summer course at Estudio de Yael Belicha. 

Nuno Has Many Talents Besides Acting

Aside from acting, Nuno Gallego has many talents, making him a versatile individual on and off-screen. 

The A Coruña, Spain native can play the guitar and is active in various sports like basketball, soccer, judo, hockey, boxing, fencing, and swimming. He is also skilled in fencing, skating, and surfing. 

The rising Spanish star is an expert in three languages, namely Galician (high-level), English (Level B2 First Certificate), and German (Level A2). 

Gallego's versatility makes him an asset in Gangs of Galicia, helping him showcase his athletic prowess in several action scenes.

Nuno Will Next Star in Netflix's Elite

Nuno Gallego, born June 16, 2001, already has a next Netflix project. 

Gallego is set to join the cast of Elite Season 8 as Hector, a newcomer in the final season of the Spanish teen drama

The final season explores the ramifications of Raùl's death and Carmen's apparent involvement in his demise. 

Dalmar has evidence that Carmen was involved in Raùl's death, meaning that her secret involvement will not be safe when the final season begins.

Elsewhere, Mina el Hammani, who portrayed Nadia during Seasons 1 to 3, is poised to make a comeback in the final season to stir some more drama.

Elite Season 8 will premiere on Netflix on July 26.

Nuno Will Star in Wattpad Adaptation Sigue Mi Voz

In addition to his inclusion in Elite's final season, Nuno Gallego is also set to appear in Sigue Mi Voz, a romance movie based on the Wattpad novel of the same name.

Sigue Mi Voz is a Spanish-language web novel by Ariana Godoy with more than 28 million views on Wattpad. 

The novel tells the story of Klara, who is dealing with a mental health crisis that keeps her at home for 76 days. She then falls in love with the host of her favorite radio show, leading to an unusual story of romance and self-discovery. 

Sigue Mi Voz is set to premiere in Spain on February 14, 2025.

How To Follow Nuno Gallego Online

For more updates about Nuno Gallego, fans can follow him on Instagram (@nuno.gallego).

All episodes of Gangs of Galicia are streaming on Netflix.

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