Gangs of Galicia Season 2 Prospects Get Hopeful Update from Star

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Tamar Novas and Clara Lago in Gangs of Galicia

Gangs of Galicia Season 2 received a promising update from one of its stars that should get fans excited. 

The Netflix series revolves around a tenacious attorney seeking revenge for her father's death. By doing so, she infiltrates a drug cartel to eliminate her father's enemies, but getting too close to a man inside may disrupt her plans.

Directed by Roger Gual, Gangs of Galicia premiered on Netflix on June 21.

Will Gangs of Galicia Season 2 Release?

Clara Lago & Tamar Novas in Gangs of Galicia
Clara Lago & Tamar Novas

In an interview with Sensa Cine, Gangs of Galicia lead star Clara Lago discussed the possibility of seeing a potential Season 2 for the Spanish crime thriller. 

Lago pointed out that the ball is in Netflix's court if the executives end up renewing Gangs of Galicia for a second season, noting that she "can only wish for it:"

"That is a question for Netflix. For our part, it will depend on things that escape us. I can only wish for it and it would also be a sign that it has been liked a lot. In the end, we do this so that people see it, enjoy it, and touch it. If [a second season happens], that work, that objective, has been accomplished."

During the same interview, Lago, who plays Ana in the series, even joked about signing a contract for 17 seasons of Gangs of Galicia. She also mentioned her harmonious working relationship with co-star Tamar Novas (the actor who plays Daniel):

"I have signed 17 seasons already. I have really enjoyed working with Tamar. It gave me a great boost when they finally confirmed that it was going to be him. In the end it is a complicated series, they are complicated characters and, although it is very choral."

The Spanish actress continued with high praises toward Tamar, saying she had "a lot of peace of mind" while working with the actor:

"Our entire plot was going to be with each other. It gave me a lot of peace of mind and a lot of security, simply knowing what a wonderful actor he is, but I didn't know that he had this sense of humor and how funny he is."

What To Expect in Potential Gangs of Galicia Season 2

Gangs of Galicia Season 1 was all about revenge, with Ana going all-out in avenging her father's death without thinking about the ramifications that came along with it. 

Ana's deep undercover revenge mission brought her to Cambados, Galicia. This was where she met Daniel, a drug cartel leader whose operations expanded across Mediterranean countries. 

Daniel's father, Jose Padin, was revealed to be the mastermind behind the death of Ana's father, Jose Silva. Padin ordered the hit on Silva for revenge for putting him behind bars. 

Ana's mission got complicated after she fell in love with Daniel. They agreed that their shared family history wouldn't get in the way of their romance despite knowing the truth about their fathers.

Season 1 ended with Daniel in jail after the police put a halt on his drug operations in Galicia. Ana also dropped a bombshell about her pregnancy, with Daniel as the father. 

The cliffhanger ending of Gangs of Galicia presents many storytelling opportunities for a potential Season 2. 

Ana may eventually help Daniel escape prison, using her legal expertise or even an illegal escape plan. 

The fact that Daniel's drug empire is in ruins could also hint that someone powerful enough in the world of drugs could assume the power vacuum, leading to a possible all-out bloodbath on who will reign supreme among the other drug lords in Galicia.

All episodes of Gangs of Galicia are streaming on Netflix.

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