Who Is Melania Cruz? 5 Things to Know About Gangs of Galicia Actress

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Melania Cruz, Gangs of Galicia

Melania Cruz appears as Laura in the popular new series Gangs of Galicia.

In Gangs of Galicia, Netflix’s new Spanish-language crime drama, a lawyer takes it upon herself to infiltrate the drug cartel that murdered her father in search of answers. Along the way, she becomes romantically entangled with a man with close ties to a major narcotics trafficker.

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5 Fun Facts About Gangs of Galicia’s Melania Cruz

Melania Cruz in Gangs of Galicia

Melania Cruz Studied at ESADg

Melania Cruz, who was born on July 25, 1983 and is currently 40, sought education at Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Galicia (or ESADg), an acting school in Vigo, Spain.

ESADg was founded in 2005. According to the school’s website, it is “committed to the development of the Galician cultural, stage and theater system through the training it provides."

Melania Has Done a Lot of Theater Work

Cruz is certainly no stranger to treading the boards. She’s appeared in plenty of stage and theater productions, like the play Marìa Continent. Her official site even lists her as the creator and producer of the theatrical company A Quinta Do Cuadrante.

Speaking to Faro De Vigo in 2014, Cruz discussed her experiences appearing in The Pillowman, a play written by Martin McDonagh. She noted that it was a “very hard” show to work on:

“I think that every thing has its own difficulty. This show was very hard to work on, because it deals with delicate matters. But, at the same time, the result was very satisfactory. We have been well received by the public, critics and programmers. We were very happy with the result achieved.”

Melania Starred in Many Films Before Gangs of Galicia

In addition to her time on the stage, Melania Cruz, whose hometown is Lugo, Spain, has had the opportunity to act in quite a few films. This includes the 2018 drama Trote (in which she played Marta), the horror film Malencolía, and Dhogs, which took home 13 trophies at the 2017 Mestre Mateo Awards.

In Gangs of Galicia, Cruz portrays Laura, a woman who was co-recipient of a sum of money after being mysteriously named in the will of the protagonist’s father.

Melania Won a Prestigious Award for Her Acting

Melania Cruz received high honors when she won the Galician Culture Award for Performing Arts in 2022. This award was bestowed upon her by Galicia’s governing body, Xunta de Galicia (or Regional Government of Galicia).

Additionally, Cruz took home the title of Best Leading Actress at the 2016 María Casares Awards for her work in Xardín Suspense and Best Supporting Actress for Jogging in 2019.

Melania Will Next Star in Artificial Justice

Cruz’s next film appearance will be in director Simón Casal‘s political thriller Artificial Justice. The movie is due out in September, and the plot concerns the timely concept of artificial intelligence being used in the Spanish judicial system.

Artificial Justice’s IMDb page lists Melania Cruz as being attached to play a character labeled Presidenta, so one could assume that she’ll be playing some sort of governmental top brass.

How To Follow Melania Cruz Online

Melania Cruz can be found on Instagram (@melaniacruz).

Gangs of Galicia is streaming on Netflix.

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