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Nadine Mills appeared in her second-ever television role on Netflix's Supacell, playing Sabrina Clarke, and fans wonder about the up-and-coming actress.

Though still relatively new to the television screen, Mills is not a stranger. Her previous roles include Adrienne in 2022's The Pay Day, Arinata in 2019's The Strangers, and Martina in 2016's The Weekend.

She also appeared in two episodes of Sliced, one in Season 1 (2019) and one in Season 2 (2021). This was her only other television role before 2024's Supacell.

Nadine Mills Biography Details & Fun Facts

Nadine Mills as Sabrina in Supacell.

Nadine Mills Wanted to Act from a Young Age

In an interview with Vérité, Nadine Mills discussed her desire to be an actor since she was a child.

She said that she "used to always perform" and may have been "that annoying child" always trying to get her parents to watch her:

"To be honest, it’s something that was always in me when I was young. I used to always perform and put on little shows for my mum and dad. I was probably that annoying child that would be like, 'Watch me! Look at me! I’ve got something else for you!'"

Mills talked about how she found that "especially for Black people," there was not "much to aspire to" in this career, but that it was different in the United States.

She said that shows like Sister Sister and Moesha showed her that "this is something [she] can really do." Mills noted, though, that what "really sparked the hunger" to pursue acting was "when [she] booked [her] first short film:"

"However, in the UK, I would say– especially for Black people –we didn’t have much to aspire to, but the U.S. was always something that we had, so seeing 'Sister Sister,' 'Moesha,' and those shows [made me realize that] 'This is something I can really do.' I think it’s when I booked my first short film and I was like 'Ah, okay, this can genuinely be a career.' That really sparked the hunger to actually go for [acting] as a career."

Nadine Graduated from the University of Westminster

In 2010, Mills graduated from London's University of Westminster with a degree in Contemporary Media Practice.

The program at the University of Westminster covers a wide range of creative fields "to prepare [students] for a dynamic and ever-changing media arts landscape," such as media creation and design for film, video games, interactive technology, and more.

Mills told Vérité that she picked this area of study instead of drama at the university level because she was interested in learning about what goes on "behind the camera."

She did take "part-time drama classes on the weekend" since it was "always something that [she] knew [she] wanted to do:"

"I went to school and I studied drama. I went to college and I studied drama. But I never went to [university] for [it]; I actually studied media because I wanted to learn [about what’s] behind the camera, but I was going to part-time drama classes on the weekend. It was always something that I knew I wanted to do."

Nadine Hopes Supacell Breaks Racial Stereotypes

In her role on Supacell, Mills hopes to convey the message that Black people "are more than stereotypes."

At the London premiere of the show, Mills told The Upcoming about the larger impact she hopes the show has. She wants it to be something that "opens doors for the culture of Black people:"

"We are not all stereotypes, you know? We get pigeonholed a lot, as Black people, and I hope this opens doors for the culture for Black people, and to let people know that we are more than stereotypes."

She told blackfilmandtv that since she saw the show "was greenlit," Mills "wanted to be a part of this." She credits her friendship with producer Sheila Nortley for getting her "an in-room audition."

Once she had the part, she told herself that she "can't let [herself] down:"

"I saw, like, that it had been greenly and I wanted to be a part of this. Luckily, for me, a great friend of mine Sheila Nortley is the producer on the show. She was able to get me an in-room audition. And then from there it was like, ‘Cool, I’ve booked this job. I can’t let it down — can’t let myself down, you know?'"

Interestingly, as she told Véritré, her audition was for a lead (the part she got), even though, as of five or six months prior, "all the lead roles were gone."

Nadine Will Next Star in Short Film Osoro

After Supacell, Mills' next role will be in the short film Osoro.

Written and directed by Nortley, Osoro follows Alesha (Rima Nsubuga) on a journey spanning time and space as she searches for her first love.

Televisual notes that the film delves into "the poignant and resonant themes of grief, classism, and mythology."

Mills will play Julia, though little is known about the character beyond her name.

How to Follow Nadine Mills Online

Fans can follow Mills on Instagram (@nadinemills_).

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