Stranger Things Season 5 Release Announcement Incoming (Confirmed)

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An imminent announcement regarding Stranger Things Season 5, the series' last outing, was confirmed to be on its way.

While the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes delayed the return to Hawkins last year, production began at the start of this year. Shooting will continue for the entire year before wrapping up in December.

As hyped as many fans are for the final season of one of Netflix's biggest shows, those new episodes are not expected to drop until 2025.

To ease the wait, fans can always look forward to fun teases from Netflix and other creators involved in the Duffer Brothers' passion project.

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Big Strangers Things Season 5 Announcement Confirmed

Stranger Things Will, Mike, and Jonathan

While promoting Deadpool & Wolverine, director Shawn Levy spoke with Deadline. He cryptically teased that a big announcement is coming for Stranger Things Season 5.

When asked when fans will get to see Season 5 hit Netflix, the director indicated that the world should be getting a release announcement any day now:

Interviewer: "When are we going to see Season 5 [of Stranger Things]?"

Levy: "I think that by the time people watch this [interview], a little bit of an answer will be out there. So I'm going to let people higher up than me blow it. I've spoiled enough things."

The context of director Levy's quote suggests that his words are about a release window announcement, which would finally give fans a more specific timeframe to look forward to.

It is worth mentioning that the season is only just over the halfway point in its production. So it does feel early for a release date announcement, but clearly, Netflix is confident in its timetable for the show.

In that same regard, fans shouldn't expect a specific month or date to be revealed just yet. Hopefully, this exciting release window reveal will be followed by even more announcements in the coming weeks.

After all, Netflix still hasn't officially announced how the show is recasting one key character in Season 5 (Nell Fisher as Holly Wheeler), something that fans already know thanks to set photos that made their way online.

Another great way to hype fans up is to release a fun video teaser with snippets of new footage from what has already been filmed. This could be a good time to confirm Vecna's presence in the show's final episodes by releasing a brief ominous clip to set the stage.

Stranger Things Season 5 is expected to release sometime in Fall 2025.

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