New Stranger Things Season 5 Set Video Gets Shared by Millie Bobbie Brown

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Stranger Things 5, Millie Bobbie Brown

Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown offered fans a glimpse behind the curtain in a new set video from production of Season 5. 

The beloved sci-fi series from Netflix is set to come to an end with its incoming fifth and final season, closing the book on the supernatural happenings of 1980's Hawkins, Indiana. 

Following several delays because of 2023's strikes in Hollywood, the series has finally been able to get back in front of cameras with filming having started in early January (via Deadline).

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Millie Bobbie Brown Tours the Stranger Things Set

A new video posted by Millie Bobbie Brown has the actress touring the Stranger Things Season 5 set amid filming for the series. 

The video - shared by The Starcourt Foodcourt on X (formerly Twitter) - sees the Eleven star taking a break from production, preparing herself a coffee. 

She is in full costume from her work on the show, wearing a collared shirt and neckerchief, while sporting the character's iconic bloody nose (an indication of her using her psychokinetic powers). 

Brown welcomes fans behind the curtain, saying, "Hi guys, it's Millie Bobbie Brown here," showing off the "hangout room" which seems to be an 80's-themed space to wind down during filming, including a skeeball machine and a full kitchen:

" Hi guys, it's Millie Bobbie Brown here, and I am on the set of 'Stranger Things' right now. We are in the hangout room. This is the hangout room. This is the kitchen, and right here sits Florence by Mils coffee. So, make a coffee with me on the 'Stranger Things' set. Here we go."

She goes on to make herself an iced coffee, spilling on her Eleven costume in the process. 

The only hint at what is happening in terms of filming for the hit Netflix series comes toward the video's end where Brown tells audiences, they are "doing some night shoots," and she will "see [fans] soon:"

"Okay, I am going to get a straw and mix it up. Okay, that is what the coffee is looking like right now. You guys, it is delish! Next, I am going to get the Florence by Mills caramel syrup. This is so good. And I am going to put a splash of it in. Perfect! Now, I am going to mix it up. 

It is quite late at night right now, because we are doing some night shoots. So, cheers to that. Have a great day, and we will see you soon."

See the full video below:

Hidden Details in Millie Bobbie Brown's Stranger Things Set Video

While there may not be much to glean from Millie Bobbie Brown's video live from the Stranger Things Season 5 set, there are a couple of nuggets fans are sure to latch onto.  

One of the biggest of these Easter eggs has to do with the 20-year-old actress's hair. 

It is significantly longer than when fans last saw her character on-screen, as Season 4 saw her go back to the shaved head look the character was first introduced with in Season 1. 

This longer hair is more akin to her Stranger Things Season 3 look, where she had grown it out after living outside the lab she was raised in for quite some time. 

While not a confirmation of this, the change in hairstyle could be the first indication that some time will have passed since the end of Season 4 when Season 5 picks back up. 

The end of Season 4 seemed to indicate the next batch of episodes would pick back up almost immediately, but that may have changed as production on the series could not get started and the young actors at the heart of the series continued to age. 

The other note audiences will pick up on from this video is the significant amount of fake blood pouring from Brown's face. 

Seeing as she was in the midst of a shoot (or had just finished for the day) while posting the video, she did not have time to clean her face or get out of costume. 

This meant the actress was seen with one of her character's iconic nosebleeds running down her face. 

Usually, these secretions come as a result of Brown's Stranger Things character straining her mind by using her powerful psychokinesis.

Judging from the amount of blood on her face in the video, this was likely a big push for her character mentally, meaning audiences should be prepared for Eleven to not just dabble in her powers in Season 5, but perhaps go further than she ever has in this next batch of episodes. 

Stranger Things Season 5 has no official release date. 

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