Stranger Things Season 5 Star Teases Hopper & Joyce’s Marriage

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Stranger Things star David Harbour teased a potential marriage for Season 5 of the hit Netflix series. 

After last year's acclaimed Stranger Things Season 4, fans are ravenous for the next (and final) instalment in the Duffer Brothers' sci-fi epic. 

The streaming series is set to go out with a bang with the entire cast getting publicly reported pay bumps to close things out. And probably deservingly so, as Stranger Things has become a golden goose for Netflix, making stars out of the likes of David Harbour and Millie Bobbie Brown while also reigniting the careers of Hollywood mainstays like Sean Astin and Winona Ryder. 

Harbour and Rider specifically have become fan favorites from the show. Rider's frantic divorcee, Joyce Byer, and Harbour's stubborn stone-cold police chief, Jim Hopper, have slowly fallen for each other and brought the best out of one another, something that has taken four seasons to be realized. 

Wedding Bells in Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things Hopper Joyce

If Stranger Things star David Harbour is to be believed, wedding bells could be in the future for Season 5 of the hit Netflix series. 

Speaking at Middle East Film & Comic-Con, Harbour hinted at his Jim Hopper and Winona Ryder's Joyce Byers getting married in the upcoming final season. 

The Netflix (and MCU) actor noted in front of a crowd that "[Joyce and Hopper] kind of deserve each other." He alluded to the pair taking the next step in their relationship, remarking that "the Duffer [Brothers] have a good way of paying off a lot of things" and he "think[s] they will with this relationship as well:"

"They do. I mean they kind of deserve each other. I think it would be - I don't know, we will have to see where it goes. I mean, I think it will be a really fun Season for the two of them based on what's gone before. The Duffers have a good way of paying off alot of things that you want them, to pay off. They usually stick the landing with alot of things. So, I think they will with this relationship as well."

What To Expect in Stranger Things Season 5

This is likely just the first hint at what fans can expect when they queue up Stranger Thing Season 5 at some point in the next couple of years. 

And a Hopper/Joyce wedding makes a lot of sense. With Season 5 being the conclusion of the Stranger Things story (aside from the number of planned spin-offs), leaving these two characters bonded in marriage feels like a natural ending. 

As for when this commitment will happen, this feels like a 'final moments with these characters' set-piece at the end of the season. After everything these two characters have been through, leaving them in a truly happy moment would fit narratively. 

Plus, a wedding would be the perfect spot to check in on the rest of the cast, wrapping up the stories of Finn Wolfhard's Mike, Millie Bobbie Brown's Eleven, and the rest of the young cast

While no exact release timing for Stranger Things 5 has been made public, the series is shooting this summer with David Harbour splitting time between the Netflix series and Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts

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