No Hard Feelings Streaming Release Date Gets Announced

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Jennifer Lawrence, No Hard Feelings

Fans got an official announcement regarding the upcoming streaming release date for 2023’s No Hard Feelings.

Jennifer Lawrence joined forces with movie and stage icon Matthew Broderick for an R-rated adult comedy in No Hard Feelings, which hit the big screen on June 23 after almost becoming a streaming release.

While it topped the box office rankings during its opening weekend, the comedy barely cracked $80 million in revenue on a $45 million budget, hitting online marketplaces less than two months after coming to theaters.

When Will No Hard Feelings Begin Streaming?

Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings

Netflix announced (via WhenToStream) the official streaming debut date for Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings.

The R-rated comedy will be available to stream on Netflix starting on Sunday, October 22, marking a 122-day gap between its theatrical and streaming releases.

This is part of a pay-one agreement with Netflix that Sony Pictures has in place, which brings all of its movies from 2022 onwards to Netflix while the streamer gets first pick of Sony’s direct-to-streaming releases.

What’s Streaming Soon on Netflix?

Along with No Hard Feelings arriving on Netflix, the rest of 2023 will have several new entries for fans to dive into.

October largely features a number of classic franchises joining the streamer, including Tom Cruise’s first three Mission: Impossible movies along with both of Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man outings.

Additionally, the first three entries in the Spy Kids franchise will all make their arrival on October’s Friday the 13th, nearly a month after Spy Kids: Armageddon made its worldwide streaming debut on September 22.

Newer entries will also make their way to Netflix, including Big Mouth Season 7, which recently released a fully R-rated NSFW trailer featuring Megan Thee Stallion’s new character.

Considering the relative lack of newer competition, No Hard Feelings should have a chance at performing well, with Sony hoping that it ranks highly in viewership after an average box office run.

No Hard Feelings begins streaming on Netflix on Monday, October 23.

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