The MCU's X-Men Movie Gets Exciting First Hire (Report)

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The development for Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot is ramping up as its writer has been found according to a new report.

The MCU's post-Avengers: Endgame era is slowly introducing the concept of mutants after several hints about the X-Men were sprinkled throughout Phase 4 and Phase 5 projects like Ms. Marvel, The Marvels, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In September 2023, a report from Deadline claimed that Disney was preparing to set up writer meetings for pitches on the MCU's X-Men reboot (a project earlier teased by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con 2019). 

Marvel Studios Taps Hunger Games Scribe for X-Men Reboot 

Deadline shared that Marvel Studios is in negotiations with Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes writer Michael Lesslie to write the script for the MCU's upcoming X-Men reboot. 

The outlet also claimed that the movie is still in early development with no actors or director attached and no release date set.

The decision to hire Lesslie was reportedly made late last week. 

Lesslie previously wrote the script for notable projects like The Little Drummer Girl, Assasin's Creed, and Macbeth. The writer is also set to pen the screenplay of Now You See Me 3

Will the MCU's X-Men Join the Avengers Soon in Phase 6?

While this development about the X-Men reboot is exciting, it is reasonable to assume that there is still a long way to go before Marvel Studios' version of mutants will grace the silver screen alongside other established MCU heroes and villains. 

There is always a chance that Deadpool & Wolverine could provide a preview of what is to come on how the mutants will be introduced to the larger MCU. 

However, Marvel Studios appears to be taking its time to make sure that the mutants' introduction will be worth the wait, which makes sense since the X-Men are seemingly poised to become the MCU's new poster child after Avengers: Secret Wars.

Michael Lesslie's hiring indicates that he is set to spearhead a strong introduction for these characters as early as this year by potentially consulting, not just with Kevin Feige, but with the other creatives who are already working on the other projects in the MCU's Phases 5 and 6.

With a writer at the helm, this new and exciting concrete update about the X-Men reboot should excite fans since there is already something to look forward to as development progresses in the coming months. 

For fans who cannot get enough of mutants, all episodes of X-Men '97 are streaming on Disney+. 

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