Disney+ Accidentally Reveals New Images from Marvel Studios' What If...? Docuseries

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What If...?, Captain Carter

While Marvel Studios is gearing up for its next major theatrical release Eternals in November, Disney+ continues to serve as a key player for the MCU’s future as well. Most recently, the streaming service hosted the arrival of the franchise’s very first fully-animated outing, What If…?, which should only be the first of many MCU stories told via animation.

This show took a unique path by looking back at the 23 movies in the Infinity Saga, although each episode included one key Absolute Point that was different from the canon live-action movies. This all led to the Watcher plucking each episode’s core hero out of their own reality for a fight against all reality with an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron in their way.

Disney+ has also housed exciting behind-the-scenes material focused on MCU outings, which mostly comes in episodes of Marvel Studios Assembled after the debut of Phase 4’s projects. Now, ahead of the latest entry for What If…?, Marvel fans are getting an early look at some images from the new episode.

Assembled Art Assembles Ahead of Time

Disney prematurely released art and promotional images for the new episode of Marvel Studios Assembled focused on the Disney+ series What If...?. The episode will premiere at midnight PST on October 27, 2021.

The show's section on the front page of the Disney+ website features three different images of Jeffrey Wright's Watcher, including one tinted in blue and another tinted in red.

Assembled Banner What If...?

Another image features characters from all nine episodes of What if...? with The Watcher looming over the group in the background. Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter stands tall in the middle, surrounded by Doctor Strange Supreme, T'Challa Star-Lord, Zombie Avengers, and more.

Marvel's Assembled What If...?

That same image is utilized in another piece of art that showcases the Marvel Studios Assembled title prominently above.

Marvel Studios Assembled Art

A banner for the episode shows off three different stages of animation for Captain Carter. She is seen in a black & white early drawing, fully colored in her dress uniform, and fully suited up in her superhero suit.

Captain Carter What If...? Assembled

Marvel included a shot from the sky of army planes flying beside Steve Rogers' Hydra Stomper as a trail of smoke follows the Multiversal hero.

Hydra Stomper What If...? Promo Art

Another image of Peggy Carter is displayed with most of her in color and a small portion in black & white.

Captain Carter What If...?


A Slightly Early Tease for Assembled

While this isn't likely anything more than a quick trigger on the part of Disney+ for this new episode, fans get a great look at some new imagery that will come with the fifth episode of this behind-the-scenes series.

Appropriately, most of the pictures center on Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter, who took her place as the leader of the Guardians of the Mutliverse in Episode 9, donning her own stealth suit at that. Additionally, the Watcher finds himself front and center on the show's main banner, being the only character to appear in all nine episodes and serving as a guide to the heroes and viewers alike.

With only a short time until the Assembled episode debuts, fans are looking forward to about an hour of footage showcasing how this animated show came to fruition. With no set timeframe for another round of animation to join the MCU, this series serves as the standard in this realm while the live-action Marvel-verse continues.

The next episode of Marvel Studios Assembled will debut on Disney+ at 12 AM PST on October 27, 2021.

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