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Marvel Studios is utilizing Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking huge leaps forward in storytelling, most recently highlighted by the multiverse starting to tear apart in the final episode of Loki Season 1. The franchise is also taking this leap in how it puts its stories to screen, as evidenced by What If...? coming to Disney+ in August.

This show will be the MCU's first attempt at an animated story with a ten-episode semi-retrospective on the Infinity Saga with some shocking twists in the plot. Hayley Attwell's Peggy Carter will have the chance to become Captain Britain, fighting the Germans and alien supervillains alike, while the late Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa will find himself as Star-Lord rather than King of Wakanda.

As more details reveal themselves about the MCU's 28th project, it seems more likely that this show will find a way to connect with its live-action counterparts even while coming as an animated adventure. In an exciting reveal, it turns out that this is far from the last time fans will get to enjoy this style of MCU storytelling.


What If Tony Stark Spider-Man Killmonger

Marvel Studios Executive Vice President Victoria Alonso sat down with Variety to discuss Marvel Studios' efforts on What If...?, the MCU's first fully animated project debuting on August 11, 2021.

Alonso revealed that Marvel Studios is "going to have (its) animation branch and mini studio", noting that "there will be more to come" from this new Marvel branch as well. Calling animation her "first love," Alonso expressed that the studio is "super excited about animation" moving forward.


After 27 movies and tv shows utilizing the usual live-action version of superhero outings, Marvel Studios looks to have an exciting new epic coming in What If...?. While it remains to be seen how exactly the story will weave itself in with the rest of the MCU, it's becoming clear that this is only the first of many animated projects going forward.

Currently, there are no further details known about Marvel Studios' animation mini-studio other than the fact that it's currently in its early stages of building new projects for the MCU. Whether an official announcement for it will come is a mystery, but its very existence means Marvel is putting plenty of resources into this new form of storytelling.

The biggest question going forward is what exactly Marvel Studios will bring to the story with animation and when those entries will go into development.

What If...? is already confirmed to continue into a second season after the first ten episodes debut on Disney+ between August and October 2021. While no other animated movies or TV shows are confirmed to be in the works, this division appears set for expansion sooner rather than later.

For now, the first episode of Marvel Studios' What If...? will premiere on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

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