Marvel Studios & Star Wars' Next Big Event May Have Just Been Announced

By Richard Nebens Updated:
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Even while there are still some big hurdles to overcome, Disney has major plans set for the next couple of years in the MCU and the Star Wars universe.

Lucasfilm is currently finishing its run on Season 1 of The Bad Batch before moving on to exciting live-action entries like Diego Luna's Andor and Taika Waititi's untitled adventure. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios is enjoying the successes of its first animated project What If...? while preparing for the imminent theatrical release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

At the end of 2020, Disney unveiled information about these titles and dozens more at the virtual Disney Investor Day, which built considerable hype for everything the studio had to offer. This event dominated the news streams before shows and movies began releasing again while bringing fans together for something to celebrate as a group.

During the latest conference call for Disney, its CEO teased something similar coming on a major anniversary for the company.


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During Disney's Q3 Investment Call, Disney CEO Bob Chapek teased some of what will be coming in terms of Disney+ material during a celebration on November 12, 2021. This day will mark exactly two full years since the streaming service went live.

Chapek promised this "Disney Plus Day" to be "an unprecedented, company-wide, cross-promotional campaign" for Disney across the franchises under its umbrella to help "increase engagement" with D+. 

"From our media networks, to our theme parks, to our consumer products, this synergy enables us to raise consumer awareness and further increase engagement with our streaming services. And the power of this synergy will be on full display on November 12 when we celebrate Disney Plus Day with an unprecedented, company-wide, cross-promotional campaign. Our robust pipeline of content continues to fuel growth and we have an incredible lineup of new programming for Disney+."

Focused on gaining a bigger following for Disney+, this event will include "a really exciting lineup" of material that hasn't been announced to the public yet:

"Disney+ Day will be a balanced approach between global and local product. We're going to have a really exciting lineup as you might guess as we approach those consumers who have not yet signed up for Disney+ with a really attractive group of titles to be announced."


Disney Investor Day 2020 came in as arguably the biggest fan event of the year, even in a virtual setting, with the sheer quantity of news that came to light. For Marvel Studios alone, it brought numerous announcements for Disney+ shows like She-Hulk, including four brand new trailers, as well as the first official announcement for Jon Watts' Fantastic Four.

Considering Chapek specifically mentioned that this new event will come on "Disney+ Day," the anniversary of the service's debut, it seems likely that the news coming will focus on non-theatrical releases. However, looking at the properties Disney owns, that won't leave the company short for projects to tease or promote.

Lucasfilm is nearly ready for the premiere of Temura Morrison's The Book of Boba Fett in December, and this event could even help tease news for Season 3 of The Mandalorian at the same time. Marvel will also be getting ready for the November 24 premiere of Hawkeye, and with no specific news on the release of Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel or other entries, MCU fans will certainly be on the lookout for details of any sort.

Disney has developed its marketing campaign down to a science with events like this, especially taking into account how important Disney+ has become for storytelling in Marvel, Star Wars, and more. No matter what comes on November 12, Disney+ will be the place for exciting new content for the foreseeable future.

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