Disney Accidently Reveals Which Episodes Doctor Strange & Killmonger Show Up in Marvel's What If

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Doctor Strange Killmonger MCU What If...?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Episode 1 of What If...?.

Marvel Studios is now officially back in action with its fifth full project of the year in What If...?, which also comes as the MCU's first fully animated outing after 27 live-action movies and shows.

Taking a deep dive into an alternate universe with key details changed from Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga, the show is giving fans a unique story featuring long-beloved heroes from the MCU's past. This all kicked off in Episode 1 with Peggy Carter saving Project Rebirth by becoming Captain Carter, setting the stage for a wild ride with her newly-discovered hero status.

Thanks to the press rounds that have been taking place the last couple of weeks, fans are aware that the next two episodes are set to feature the late Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa Star-Lord along with a new take on Nick Fury's Big Week. While the rest of the specifics are a mystery, an unexpected leak from Disney is shedding light on what will come soon.


As uncovered by Reddit user ahumanmadethis of The Streamr, the Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution website inadvertently revealed information about two episodes of Marvel Studios' What If...?.

The What If...? gallery includes file names 101, 102, and 103 for stills that correspond with the first, second, and third episodes where they appear.

The file with the image of Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange is labeled as "104", indicating that the Sorcerer Supreme will be featured in Episode 4:

What If...?, Doctor Strange

The label "104" also comes with the image of Jeffrey Wright's Watcher towering in the sky over an undisclosed city, suggesting that this image comes from the same episode as the one with Doctor Strange:

The Watcher, What If...?

Angela Bassett's Ramonda from Black Panther is seen in front of the Wakandan army in an image labeled "106," which means fans should be on the lookout for the Wakandan Queen in Episode 6:

Ramonda, What If...?

Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger is also in an image labeled "106" as he charges forward on top of a Wakandan armored rhino:

Killmonger, What If...?



While no plot details were revealed for either Episodes 4 or 6, fans now have an idea of at least which characters to expect to see a lot of over the coming weeks.

Doctor Strange is set to go on quite the crazy journey in What If...?, especially considering he will encounter the darker version of himself called Doctor Strange Supreme at some point. Confirmed to interact with Captain Carter down the road as well, the Master of the Mystic Arts will certainly have plenty on his plate to deal with in this multiverse-breaking adventure.

As for Ramonda and Killmonger, the Wakandan royalty are in for something neither have ever seen before in this new take on the Infinity Saga.

While Killmonger is confirmed to be Tony Stark's savior in the Middle East, his allegiances are still a mystery as he takes a potentially more heroic path than he did in Black Panther. With no word on how the Star-Lord version of T'Challa factors in alongside Killmonger and Ramonda as well, the African nation could be in for something completely different than what fans have seen in the past.

With five of the nine episodes in What If...? now having some details attached to them plot-wise, fans will be eager to see exactly how the story plays out in each one. With a literal multiverse's worth of options to explore, this series has the potential to change everything that the fandom has come to know and love over the last 13 years.

Episode 1 of What If...? is now available to stream on Disney+.

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