Marvel Studios Announces Historic Real-Life Book Set in the MCU

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Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will receive a historic tie-in book from Marvel Studios that brings Scott Lang's story into the real world.

Publishing has always been important to Marvel. After all, the page is where all of the MCU's stories originate. And while most of the Marvel Studios' adventures are explored on the big screen, the superhero giant has made some efforts to offer some reading material for its diehard fans.

These books have ranged from adaptations and preludes for the biggest movies to the memoirs of a Marvel Studios president. Meanwhile, Marvel has also released some in-universe books such as The Wakanda Files along with ones that enhance fans' understanding of the MCU like its new timeline book.

Now, the newest book to come out of the blockbuster franchise was revealed, and it may be the most unique yet.

Ant-Man's MCU Book Comes to Life

Marvel Studios officially announced in a new video from Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd that the biography book written by Scott Lang in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will be published as a real-life book.

Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, Look out for the little guy

While Marvel has published other in-universe books in the past - such as Black Panther's Wakanda Files - this comes as the first to have been written by one of the notable starring heroes, in this case, Lang with his in-universe memories: Look Out for the Little Guy!

Scott Lang, Ant-Man, Look Out for the Little Guy

Rudd's announcement video even included a shot of him in tears while reading the book in bed, hilariously teasing the emotion of the affair.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania, Paul Rudd, Look out for the little guy
Marvel Studios

Marvel also tucked in one shot from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania that shows Scott Lang enjoying his newfound celebrity status at what appears to be a reading of his memoirs.
Marvel Studios

The full synopsis for Look Out for the Little Guy can be read below - and it even includes a heartfelt recommendation for the Hulk himself:

"This is the incredible story of an ex-con turned world-saving Super Hero.

In Look Out for the Little Guy, Scott Lang shares with the world a bracingly honest account of his struggles and triumphs, from serving time to being a divorced dad to becoming Ant-Man and joining The Avengers. These are stories of epic battles won and lost, as this everyman turned Super Hero finally tells all—from the official account of what really happened between The Avengers and Thanos to how shrinking down to ant-size really feels to the challenges of balancing the roles of hero and dad.

Across his many adventures big and small, Scott has gathered the wisdom of countless amazing experiences into this, the first memoir from a real-life Avenger. Once you learn the unforgettable details of his epic journey, you won’t need to be reminded . . . to look out for the little guy.

“Introduces the man behind the hero, and the hero I call friend.”

—Bruce Banner, fellow Avenger

The full announcement video presented by Rudd can be seen below:

How Marvel Studios Brings the MCU to Life

Perhaps the only unfortunate part here comes from the book's release date, which is currently set for September 5. The decision to release Look Out for the Little Guy almost seven months after Ant-Man 3 means that both the theatrical and home release will have long come and gone as attention turns to other projects.

Releasing in-universe products to tie into the MCU is a truly genius idea that only serves to expand the world and create a deeper sense of immersion. After all, if diehard fans can read a book that was featured in the latest blockbuster, that helps them to feel as if they occupy the same world as these heroes.

Hopefully, this will just be the beginning of more efforts of this nature from Marvel and Disney. Many readers would undoubtedly be fascinated to read Spider-Man: No Way Home's Flashpoint book that Flash Thompson wrote as his memoirs detailing his supposed time as Peter Parker's best friend.

Marvel and Disney could explore more in-universe endeavors down the line in other mediums. Listening to an in-universe podcast hosted by Wong would certainly be an interesting experience. Or Ms. Marvel's Kamala Khan could start vlogging her journey as a hero on YouTube. The possibilities are endless. 

Look Out for the Little Guy will be released on September 5 as a hardcover book and retail for $26.99 USD. Those eager to pre-order can here.

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February 17, 2023
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