Marvel Studios' 2023 Comic-Con Announcement Disappoints Fans

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A new report revealed an unfortunate Marvel Studios update for this year's San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). 

In 2022, Marvel Studios had a game-changing panel that was capped off by the announcement of the next two Avengers films. As a result, the anticipation for the studio's Hall H comeback is high this year. 

In May 2023, Echo star Alaqua Cox even confirmed that she will attend this year's SDCC, indicating that Marvel Studios will at least have a presence. 

Marvel Studios' Discouraging SDCC Update Revealed


Via The Wrap, Marvel Studios reportedly will not hold a Hall H panel event at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to be held July 20-23. 

The studio had a massive panel at last year's Hall H, in which several new projects in the MCU's Multiverse Saga were announced. 

According to the outlet, Marvel Studios will still have a presence on the convention floor, meaning there will be some news that comes from Comic-Con weekend.

It is unknown exactly why Marvel Studios is skipping such a major event at Comic-Con, but it's likely that the recent halting of multiple MCU productions due to the ongoing writers' strike impacted the studio's decision. 

This report led to disappointing reactions from fans. 

@ResonantJustice noted that the studio's absence "makes sense" due to [the] ongoing writers' strike: 

"Makes sense because of the writers strike and the impending SAG strike."

@NikHellBlazer had an honest reaction to the news: 

"I'm gonna cry."

@Crusanerd pointed out that the Fantastic Four casting news might not be revealed anytime soon: 

"We’re gonna be in this 'Fantastic Four' casting hell forever."

@dimensionjordyn admitted that Marvel Studios "don't have much" to announce, thus explaining its absence: 

"they don't have much to announce so I'm not surprised lol. everything's delayed + the strike makes it so nothing new can be made yet."

Was It Marvel Studios’ Plan to Skip SDCC’s Hall H?

It remains to be seen if it was always the plan for Marvel Studios to skip Hall H in this year's edition of San Diego Comic-Con, but there's a good chance that it wasn't. 

Aside from Alaqua Cox's earlier comments, it looks like the studio was leaning towards releasing new promotional content and casting news for some of Phase 5 projects at SDCC.

However, there are outside forces that affected Marvel Studios' decision to skip Hall H altogether. The main culprit is the ongoing writers' strike by the Writer's Guild of America (WGA), especially after Disney shut down the production of several MCU projects due to the current situation. 

Still, Marvel's limited presence on the convention floor could lead to some announcements, with the studio potentially releasing new trailers for Loki Season 2 and The Marvels

It is unknown when Marvel Studios will be back to give major announcements. Despite that, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski teased the possibility of launching Marvel's own event that could be filled with surprises. 

San Diego Comic-Con is set from July 20 to July 23. 

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