Marvel Just Teased Its Own Upcoming Comic-Con Event

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Marvel Avengers Comic-Con

After Ms. Marvel held a fictional convention named AvengerCon, it looks like it might become a reality soon. 

AvengerCon served as Marvel's fictional answer to San Diego Comic-Con in Ms. Marvel. The event celebrates Earth's Mightiest Heroes, featuring exciting MCU merchandise and in-universe promotional content.

Disney even used AvengerCon as part of Ms. Marvel's marketing when the House of Mouse launched a brand new website for the event.

Ms. Marvel head writer Bisha K. Ali previously said that she liked the idea of AvengerCon so much that she even drafted up an email to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige “[to] pitch [how they] can make AvengerCon real in the real world.

Will Marvel Launch Its Own Comic-Con?

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During a fan Q&A at this year's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, via The Popverse, Marvel Comics' editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski talked about the possibility of launching their own Marvel event. 

Cebulski shared that they are "testing the waters" in planning a Marvel-centric convention event, noting that "there's a lot of different ways we have to think about it:"

“We would love to do a Marvel event or a Marvel Celebration or something like that. There’s a lot of different ways we have to think about it, and different ways we can handle it."

The Marvel Comics executive then assured fans that such an event could happen someday, but not right now: 

"We’ve started events, the Marvel Insider events, and we’ve done some online X-Men and Deadpool celebrations. We’re testing the waters. Will we get there hopefully someday? Yes, without a doubt. Someday hopefully we’ll see a Marvel convention or celebration dedicated to everything that we all love in the last 60 plus years of Marvel history. But right now? Can’t say for sure.”

Cebulski's answer came during the C2E2 Spider-Man and the Venomverse panel on April 1.

Will Marvel's Event Affect San Diego Comic-Con?

From comics to movies and TV shows, Marvel's expansive collection of content allows the company to host its own form of Comic-Con-type event someday down the line.

However, Marvel's own event could directly affect San Diego Comic-Con. If a Marvel Celebration will indeed happen in the future, then seeing a major Hall H panel at SDCC will be less likely since Marvel Studios could announce its big reveals instead in their event. 

During the pandemic, the absence of San Diego Comic-Con forced Marvel Studios and DC to find ways in releasing their major reveals, leading to them revealing their big projects in massive online showcases, namely Disney Investor Day and DC FanDome

While Marvel and DC returned in Hall H at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, it's possible that the pandemic served as a reality check for the studios, resulting in the potential creation of a new and exclusive event for each of them.

Hopefully, Marvel will find the right balance when it comes to showcasing big reveals in their own event and San Diego Comic-Con in the future.  

For now, fans can catch a glimpse of AvengerCon in Ms. Marvel, which is currently streaming on Disney+.

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