Marvel Just Eliminated MCU's Sokovia Accords From Existence

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Captain America: Civil War was a big deal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For one, it finally brought the tensions between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to a breaking point, which led to Earth's Mightiest Heroes being fractured by the time Thanos arrived. But there was another big consequence that went into effect before Captain America and Iron Man fought: the Sokovia Accords.

Introduced by General Thunderbolt Ross, the Sokovia Accords were an attempt to bring accountability to the world's superheroes. This measure was created in the hope of minimizing casualties in the field and stopping such large-scale destruction that often occurred around the site of superhero activity.

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They've since gone on to be mentioned across Ant-Man and the Wasp, WandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But it's been some time since those projects aired, so it's hard not to wonder what's become of them now—especially given She-Hulk's tendency to explore the law.

Well, thankfully, it seems that the show's eighth episode gave us quite the update after She-Hulk's head writer previously confirmed we'd get answers, and it's not quite what one might expect.

The MCU's Sokovia Accords Are... Gone?

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's latest episode brought Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock into the picture. The fan-favorite lawyer ended up going toe-to-toe with Jennifer Walters in the courtroom while defending Luke Jacobson against Eugene Patilio, aka Leap-Frog.

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But it's not the case itself that ended up being the biggest part of the whole situation. Instead, it's this little tidbit casually dropped by Murdock: "the Sokovia Accords have been repealed:"

"... The very nature of Mr. Jacobson's line of work, making suits exclusively for superheroes, necessitates anonymity. May I remind you that the Sokovia Accords have been repealed."

The Accords haven't been mentioned since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and this also happens to be the first time Matt Murdock's seemingly been involved with those particular restrictions. In fact, there was hardly any mention of them at all in his previous adventures, despite how organic they could've played into Daredevil's story.

What are the Ripple Effects of Their Cancelation?

While the Accords have been mentioned throughout Phase 4, it’s hard to say that their effects have been felt. It almost feels like they were simply being mentioned to remind audiences they exist.

So, in that regard, the news of the Sokovia Accords getting struck isn’t too shocking—now Marvel Studios don’t have to worry about that rule set whenever they introduce a new hero.

That said, those laws were a big deal in the Infinity Saga. So getting rid of them will surely have some sort of effect.

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Maybe Thunderbolts will more fully explore the absence of the Accords. The team’s existence could possibly be a result of the government wanting superheroes to control. With the Accords gone, no longer can they simply own everyone who puts on a mask. The next best thing would be a personal, Suicide Squad-esque strike force.

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Without the Accords, one would also think that the Avengers would be back up and running, though there haven’t been any signs in regards to the group. Maybe Captain America: New World Order will explore the superhero group in this new status quo.

But are they gone for good? Especially given the rumors of a World War Hulk film, odds are that something may end up being introduced which will bring about similar mandates from high powers.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law airs new episodes every Thursday, exclusively on Disney+.

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