Marvel's Eternals: Superpowers & Abilities of Gemma Chan's MCU Hero Revealed

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Gemma Chan, Sersi Comic

Marvel Studios may not be releasing any content in 2020, but 2021 should bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe back into the spotlight quickly and explosively. Along with a handful of new Disney+ shows that kick off with WandaVision in January, the studio is deep into producing four new movies with Black Widow , Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings , Spider-Man 3 , and Eternals .

Even coming alongside some of the most anticipated movies in MCU history, Eternals is making a name for itself already with early Oscar buzz and one of the most expansive casts in the entire franchise. The team will include Gemma Chan as Sersi as the actress joins a select group of MCU actors to take on more than one role in the franchise. She also notably played the Kree warrior Minn-Erva in 2019's Captain Marvel .

Not much is known specifically about what powers the Eternals have or how they will be portrayed on screen , but a recent interview with Chan may shed some light on that mystery.


In a new interview with Vanity Fair , Eternals star Gemma Chan gave fans the deepest look thus far into her character, Sersi, and what to expect out of her in the new MCU solo movie.

The excerpt reveals that Sersi's powers will include telekinesis, telepathy, and superhuman strength, and Chan gave this quote explaining what it was about Sersi that drew her to the role:

"She’s the most human-loving of all the Eternals, and she really appealed to me. She’s incredibly empathetic."


The Eternals from the comics have been shown with a wide range of powers over the years, even though most of them have the same base set, but it's exciting to finally hear confirmation of what Sersi will be able to do. Gemma Chan will be part of a cast boasting nearly a dozen of the highest-profile names in the business, and it seems that Marvel has their work cut out for them trying to give every single one their due shine. But, Chan appears more than ready to face the challenge head-on.

Chan's reveal that Sersi loves the human race dearly and is so empathetic seems to be an exciting change of pace for her as she gets the opportunity to show off her range as an actor. Minn-Erva from Captain Marvel was one of the most stoic and single-minded characters in the film, fighting alongside Carol Danvers and the Kree as they looked to exterminate the Skrulls. Now that Minn-Erva is dead after crashing head-on into a mountain, Chan will be able to bring Sersi to life in this new movie as a hero completely opposite in personality from her appearance in Captain Marvel .

Eternals is currently in post-production as it preps for release on November 5, 2021.

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