Loot Season 3 Gets Hopeful Update from Maya Rudolph: Will More Episodes Release?

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Maya Rudolph's recent comments have fans champing for Loot Season 3.

The hit Apple TV+ series rounded out its second season on the streamer, centering yet again on Rudolph as Molly Wells - a divorced billionaire who wants to make a difference with her millions after the dissolution of her marriage (read more about the Loot cast here). 

Season 2 came and went (airing from April 2 to May 29 of this year), and there has been no word of any further stories in the streaming comedy's universe.

Loot Season 3 Addressed by Its Star

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Despite no official announcement of its existence, Loot stars Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster offered a hopeful update on Season 3 of their Apple TV+ comedy. 

Speaking with HeyUGuys, the pair were asked about a potential third season. Both were cagy about the proposition but seemed willing to participate should it be greenlit. 

When prodded on a third season, Rudolph started with a simple, "I don't know," but Booster (who plays Molly's lovable assistant Nicholas in the show) went further, saying they "definitely hope" it will come back:

Rudolph: "I don't know. What do you hope will happen?"

Booster: "Unless there's some Apple people in the room, they'd be better to answer that question. I mean, I think we definitely hope…"

Rudolph - who stars as the billionaire Molly Wells and works as an executive producer on the series - followed this up, saying that, "If it were up to us, yes" Loot would get a Season 3 as "there's no shortage of all of the games we can play between all [the characters]:"

Rudolph: "If it were up to us, yes. And I think that because we've established these relationships between the characters, there's no shortage of all of the games we can play between all of us. But also the world of billionaires seems to have no end. And it's hard not to take notice of all the new developments constantly that are going on and then create a couple of new ones. So I feel like that's never going to stop that. That inspiration is never going to stop."

As indicated by both Booster and Rudolph, the ball remains in Apple's court on a potential third season, as the studio would need to give the green light to move forward. 

Rudolph shared a similar sentiment in a June 2024 conversation with GoldDerby, remarking that she "feel[s] like the possibilities are endless:"

"Yeah, I mean, we've established so much great stuff between the characters and I would love to… I think the thing that's so cool about the show is that I feel like the possibilities are endless, so I feel like having billions sounds like having a genie in a nottle that you can just just rub. Anything is possible, truly, and I can only imagine that if you're at that vantage point in your life of having endless billions, you could… if you're bored just get on your plane and go to Paris for an espresso. It must be nice."

How Likely Is Loot Season 3?

As of writing, no official word on Loot Season 3 has been made public. However, it seems likely a third batch of new episodes will be greenlit on Apple TV+. 

The cast seems primed and ready for more. Sometimes, the first hurdle toward keeping a series on track is the stars' losing interest or being pulled in different directions as the years go by. 

That does not look to be the case with the cast of Loot, as actors like Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster both seem enthusiastic about staying in the Loot universe for as long as they can. 

As Rudolph and Booster alluded to, the series also has plenty of narrative potential. As Rudolph said, Loot feels like the kind of series that will never run out of new ideas. 

It seems that the only roadblock left to clear is whether the streaming comedy has done enough from Apple's point of view to justify being rubberstamped for a third season. 

Season 2 of Loot was just as well-received as the first was, earning an 83% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. One can assume, because of this reception, the series' sophomore effort will fare as well (or better) from a viewership standpoint.

If this is the case, then the show will almost surely get greenlit for Season 3. 

However, given how competitive the TV landscape has become and how tight the financial belt has gotten in Hollywood (and the world at large), there is always the chance a show like Loot could be overlooked as Apple potentially looks elsewhere to fill out its streaming library. 

Loot is streaming now on Apple TV+. 

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