Loki: Tom Hiddleston Story Proves Why He's Such a Great Human Being

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Loki just finished on one of the highest notes for the MCU in a while, setting the stage for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the finale isn't a perfect episode of television, one can't deny how important it is going to be going forward.

Of course, there's now the Multiverse in play, which, of course, is going to be a big part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Then there's He Who Remains, the first Variant of Kang the Conqueror that viewers have seen in the MCU, who will go on to make a much bigger splash in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania in early 2023.

To watch all of this unfold in person must have been an amazing thing to go through. Of course, it's also a plus if, while doing it, Tom Hiddleston keeps you from having a panic attack.


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Briana Darnell, who was Sophia Di Marino's stand-in for the first season of Loki, posted on her personal Instagram a story that once again shows how amazing of a person Tom Hiddleston is. 

According to Darnell, "he unknowingly stopped [her] from an intense panic attack on set last year."

"Adding to the pile of @twhiddleston is a gentleman and kin human being" stories, he unknowingly stopped me from an intense panic attack on set last year."

How did this happen? Well according to Darnell, she was affected by "a brain injury flare up" that kept her from "remember[ing] basic choreography."

"While filming Episode 4, I had a brain injury flare up. I couldn't keep focused and was forgetting everything @itssophiadimartino did in rehearsal. It got bad enough that Tom had to step in to tell me what to do and where to go. I was insanely embarrassed as I prided myself at being good at my job, yet I couldn't remember basic choreography."

What happened next, might not be what one would expect: "Tom suddenly took [her] by the shoulders..."

"As my internal anxiety was growing to panic levels, Tom suddenly took me by the shoulders and just held on a minute with a gentle gaze. I realized later it was actually part of the scene, thus was likely just Tom being in the moment. But I like to think somehow, subconsciously he picked up on me needing comfort at that moment." 

As everyone knows, and Darnell confirms, "burning COVID touch was especially rare." That simple moment was what she needed.

"Touch is my communication style/love language and during COVID touch was especially rare. That simple hold on my shoulders and kind eyes took me down from teetering on a crying panic attack to just mild embarrassment I could then shake off and continue working." 

Obviously, it's not very clear if Tom Hiddleston did it or not, but that doesn't matter for Darnell. She will "always be grateful to him for it."

"I'll never know if Tom did it on purpose or not, but I'll always be grateful to him for it."

She also included a picture of the two of them together on set, which can be seen down below, in what looks to be He Who Remains' office.

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Tom Hiddleston has been an integral part of the MCU for over a decade now. Since day one, he has been a fan favorite, something which has only grown exponentially throughout the years. Something that isn't surprising, given how wonderful of a person he seems to be.

He certainly loves his role as the God of Mischiefwhich is something that he has gone on record saying that he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon if he can help it. With Loki Season 2 being a real thing now, fans will have many more Loki-focused adventures to look forward to. 

First, the Asgardian will be making an appearance in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness—however, the size of his role isn't yet known. Thankfully, he will have his own episode of What If...? to satiate the fans in the meantime. The future is Loki.

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