Loki Director Explains Why Sylvie's Gender Surprised the Variants (Exclusive)

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Loki pushed the boundaries of Marvel Studios storytelling.

Beyond the massive narrative implications of opening up the multiverse, the series confirmed two long-speculated aspects of the God of Mischief's character: he is gender-fluid as well as bisexual.

The former came in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment from a promotional video, which shows Loki's Time Variance Authority file with the "sex" section labeled "fluid." This promo made the rounds before Loki premiered, giving fans hope that the trickster's gender fluidity would be explored further in the series.

While viewers would come to learn about Loki's sexuality, his gender fluidity was never touched on.

On top of that, Tom Hiddleston's Loki, as well as various Variants of the trickster in The Void, are surprised at Sylvie's existence. If Loki has always been gender fluid, why the shocked reaction to Sophia Di Martino's character's gender? 


While Loki delivered on many of its promises, one aspect that lacked exploration was the character's gender fluidity.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct, Loki director Kate Herron weighed in on the topic. While it wasn't spotlighted, Herron says it was important for her to at least acknowledge it.

"I think it was important for me to acknowledge it. You know, in the comics, the mythology, yeah, he is gender fluid."

Sylvie's arrival in both Episode 2 and Episode 5 left various Gods of Mischief surprised, with Richard E. Grant's Loki even saying that a female Variant "sounds terrifying" upon the mention of Sylvie.


Herron's perspective on their shocked reaction is due to those respective Lokis not reaching that point in their lives yet.

"I would say the logical answer for me would be maybe Classic, Boastful, and Kid [Loki] haven’t quite got there yet in their timelines. Or maybe they’re not gender fluid, those particular Lokis. I would say it’s open to interpretation, that would be my thinking. It’s one of those things I guess where things can contradict slightly, but that would be my logic."


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Both Loki's gender fluidity and bisexuality were aspects that were briefly touched on, but with Season 2 of Loki on the horizon, there is room for both to be explored further.

Herron's perspective leaves the future open-ended. With the director theorizing just like fans, it's clear that there is no definitive direction for how Loki's gender fluidity will be explored moving forward, which is a good thing. Setting up a direction without the intention to put it in motion this season would handcuff future directors, so leaving that aspect of the God of Mischief up for interpretation gives a completely blank canvas to whoever takes the reins next.

As for Herron's POV specifically, it makes sense that not every Loki would be gender fluid, or rather not all of them have discovered that aspect of themselves yet. The series taught fans that Variants come in all ages, races, and creeds. Who's to say they also don't come in all genders?

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