Loki Director on Future Bisexual Story Possibilities For Tom Hiddleston's Character

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(Note: Pictured above is the Genderfluid Pride flag, not the Bisexual Pride flag)

Loki has brought a lot of changes to the status quo of the MCU. The Time Variance Authority's entire existence has reconceptualized everything that's happened since the franchise began. Loki and Sylvie's quest to bring it down may have implications on an even grander scale.

For many fans though, a single line from episode 3 brought an incredible amount of joy. Tom Hiddleston's Loki's confirmation of his bisexuality in his conversation with Sophia di Martino's Sylvie on the train on Lamentis brought LGBTQIA+ representation from a major character for the first time in MCU history. 

While there's likely little room left in the show's final two episodes to explore that identity further, there has been discussion on how it might factor into future portrayals of the God of Mischief.


Loki Bisexual

Speaking to ColliderLoki director Kate Herron talked about how it was important, both for her and the studio, to make Loki's bisexuality canon in the MCU. When asked about how to go about it, Herron chose the train sequence "because it's a very raw conversation, they're both opening up about their lives."

Herron mentioned that she drew on her own experience to describe how to go about the reveal. She said, "Well, if someone asks me, I would just be very matter-of-fact about it." In that way, Loki's "Yeah, a bit of both," felt like a natural way to express something that's so integral to oneself. Ultimately, Herron was "very proud that we got it in there and we got to acknowledge that."

When asked about whether Loki's bisexuality would be explored further in a second season of Loki, Herron admitted, "I don't know plans for the future with Loki," but hopes the confirmation "has opened the door to more stories."

"I don't know plans for the future with Loki — I'm so focused on this story. But I would say that part of my thinking was, well, if it's canon and it's acknowledged, then yeah I hope there's obviously more road to travel with that aspect of his personality. And I hope it has opened the door to more stories, definitely."


Make no mistake, the confirmation of Tom Hiddleston's Loki's bisexuality is groundbreaking for the MCU. This isn't a one-off reference in Endgame or a cut-out kiss in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This confirmation is the beginning of a promising future of LGBTQIA+ representation in the franchise.

One needs only look at the upcoming slate of projects and the characters they'll bring to find a litany of examples. Billy Maximoff, one of Wanda's twins introduced in WandaVision, is one half of a famous queer duo along with Hulkling, who is likely to be introduced in Secret Invasion. "Miss America" Chavez, who identifies as a lesbian, will be introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessPhastos, one of the namesake Eternals, will have a husband in that film.

Marvel Studios is finally showing that they are dedicated to making the MCU just as diverse as the comics that inspire them. To the many fans who've waited years to see themselves in the heroes on screen, Loki is the start of something great. It's still too early to know what the future holds for the God of Mischief, but Loki's wild popularity will hopefully lead to a chance to see this recent revelation explored fully in future stories.

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