MCU's Kang Actor Celebrates Villain Role at LA Comic Shop

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In WandaVision, it was Agatha all along. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was Zemo, U.S Agent John Walker, the Flag-Smashers, and even society itself.

But in Marvel's latest Disney+ series Loki, the villain behind it at all has remained as much of a mystery as the show itself. 

One of the most dominant theories among fans is that the time-traveling Kang the Conquerer just might the man behind the curtain of Loki's TVA, especially since his existence in the MCU is already guaranteed for the upcoming film Ant-Man the Wasp: Quantumania.

The man set to play this time-obsessed, super-villain is Jonathon Majors; and regardless of when and where fans will see his Kang on-screen, Majors appears to be embracing his role fully. He recently marked a first at a Los Angeles comic shop via a new social media post.


Jonathan Majors Kang

An Instagram post from Golden Apple Comics shows Jonathon Majors holding a comic book featuring Kang the Conqueror, as well as his autograph on an R2-D2 droid. 

The caption reads:

"There is a lot of buzz happening in the MCU on the new hot shot @officialloki and it is confirmed that he is playing Kang in the next @marvel Ant-Man flick. But does his character run the TVA and/or will he make an appearance?"

"We don't have any answers, but this guy is the real deal and so nice. We are super excited for his debut, whenever it happens."

The particular comic that Majors is holding at the shop is Avengers #267, which features the debut of the Council of Kangs. 

Golden Apple Comics' caption included one final anecdote which read, "Also, when he signed R2D2 he told us, 'it was the first time he has EVER signed Kang on anything'. We’re sure it’s definitely not the last time…"


Speculation of Kang appearing in Loki on Disney+ has only continued due to the presence of Ravonna Renslayer, Kang's comic-book love interest, and the existence of the mysterious and deceptive TVA (Time Variance Authority). 

Episode 4 of Loki titled "The Nexus Event" knocked the rumor mill into overdrive when Sylvie and Loki discovered the Time-Keepers were only androids. This means there must be someone behind-the-scenes of the TVA pulling the strings, such as Kang. 

But even though it looks like the series is setting up Kang's debut, it's possible that audiences won't actually see him in the series.

After all, Marvel Disney+ series only began their run in January of this year, and the studio may have been hesitant to introduce such an integral character in a series when no one knew how the audience would receive this storytelling format for the MCU. 

Still, with two more episodes of Loki to go, Majors' appearance is still a possibility, and the particular comic book he's pictured with begs the question - was its an intentional choice on his part and will fans see a council of Kangs in the future? 

New episodes of Loki are released on Wednesdays on Disney+, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is set to release on February 17, 2023.  

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February 17, 2023
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