Justice League's Ray Fisher Reacts to Green Lantern HBO Show Announcement

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Green Lantern Corps, Ray Fisher

The DC universe fandom has a major event to celebrate with the announcement of the all-new Green Lantern series set to make its debut on HBO Max. The series is set to be ten episodes long, at one hour per episode, and it comes in as the first major project centered around the Green Lantern Corps since the highly maligned Ryan Reynolds-led movie from 2011.

The series already has built up plenty of hype thanks to the reveal of an amazing cast and a writing team of DC mainstays Marc Guggenheim and Seth Grahame-Smith, who is also acting as the showrunner alongside executive producer Greg Berlanti. It is still a mystery as to whether this series will connect with the DC Extended Universe movies, although one of these movie’s stars has just taken to social media to give a glowing endorsement for the Green Lantern showrunner.


Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has taken to his personal Twitter account to send an exciting endorsement for Seth Grahame-Smith after being announced as the showrunner for the new Green Lantern series on HBO Max. Fisher described him as “an awesome dude through and through,” even referencing back to their experience together on the DCEU’s The Flash, which Grahame-Smith was previously set to direct.

Fisher’s full tweet can be seen below:



This is one of the most optimistic and bright quotes from Ray Fisher that fans have seen concerning anything related to the DC films and movies after a very public battle with Warner Bros and Joss Whedon over his experience on Justice League. It’s still unclear which side is sharing the truth in that debate, but it should still be a good sign seeing one of the franchise’s biggest stars endorse this announcement so vocally.

Fisher is also signed on to return as Cyborg in some capacity for 2022’s The Flash, which Grahame-Smith was planning on directing what feels like a lifetime ago. He is one of seemingly a dozen directors that were set to direct the film before the studio finally went into pre-production on the project with Andy Muschietti helming.

Grahame-Smith also has a history with DC productions, already serving as a screenwriter for 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie with Will Arnett and Michael Cera. Fans are already excited to see his work on this intergalactic series as well, with so much anticipation already building. 

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