HBO Max's Green Lantern Series Casts American Horror Story's Finn Wittrock In Leading Role

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Green Lantern Guy Gardner Ginn Wittrock

After Ryan Reynold's 2011 Green Lantern film, fans have been hoping for a do-over for the character. Even the film's star knew that it wasn't so good, leading to years of self-deprecating jokes within his films such as Deadpool . Needless to say, the Green Lantern name fell back into obscurity for most people.

Having missed out on becoming a Justice League member in the DCEU, Green Lantern has been nowhere to be seen even a decade later. That is, if the brief stint in Zack Snyder's Justice League where a random lantern dies a horrible death via Darkseid doesn't count. Thankfully, Warner Bros. has not only announced that a movie, Green Lantern Corps. , is in the works but a television show as well—on HBO Max, no less.

The show is set to be co-written and executive produced by Seth Graham-Smith and Marc Guggenheim , with Graham-Smith serving as showrunner. It will also be produced by Berlanti Productions (alongside Warner Bros.), who is behind all the Arrow -verse shows.

Now, for many, those shows are extremely hit-and-miss. Hopefully, with the tools that HBO Max can provide to them, this Green Lantern show will prove to be far better in quality than its CW brethren.

Since its announcement, not much has been said about the upcoming television show. That looks to change though, as a new report has shed some much-needed light on the star of this series...


According to Deadline , American Horror Story actor Finn Wittrock has been cast to star as Guy Gardner and his iteration of the Green Lantern character.

The series, which remains without an official name, is set to start filming this year. The report also mentions that the casting for Alan Scott is expected to be announced shortly, as the deal with the actor is on the brink of becoming official.

The show also promises to be the most expensive show that Arrow -verse architect Berlanti has ever produced in his career.


It’s fantastic to start hearing more about this HBO series. With Warner Bros.' past record, it wasn’t clear if the show was ever going to make it to air. Thankfully, it does seem that it will indeed exist at some point. Once casting starts, it’s usually a done deal.

While many fans still hope to see Hal Jordan get the adaptation the character deserves, it’s still exciting to see other Lanterns get the spotlight. Not to say Guy Gardner isn’t popular though, as the red-headed, raunchy hothead is a favorite for many.

The show is rumored to span multiple timelines in its storytelling . So, Gardner is likely only the first of many Lanterns to be cast for the show . As the article states, Alan Scott is next on the list, a character who was one of the first Green Lanterns ever.

The Direct also exclusively learned that the villains of the show will be the Dominators —an alien race that saw their live-action debut in a big Arrow -verse crossover event. This go-around, however, will likely not be the same version depicted there.

As for the big guns in Hal Jordan and John Stewart, those two are likely being saved for the film side of things—but hopefully, there’s a crossover down the line.

Maybe Warner Bros will accept having two versions of the same character active so that the Green Lantern television show isn’t deprived of two of the biggest characters in the Lantern mythos.

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