James Gunn Shares Cryptic Tease Ahead of DCU Reboot Announcement (Photo)

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James Gunn, Amanda Waller, DCU

DC Studios CEO James Gunn has shared a tease for one character on social media ahead of the imminent DCU slate announcement in the coming days.

Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran are currently hard at work on crafting the future of the DCU, and fans can't wait to find out what they have in store. The DC Studios duo is expected to announce the first of their slate plans in a matter of days before the end of January, but there has so far been no real indication of what to expect.

Unlike his Marvel Studios counterpart Kevin Feige, Gunn has been rather vocal on social media since joining DC Studios, continuing to keep audiences up to date on the status of his plans, what he's working on day to day, and, of course, debunking some of the wilder rumors out there.

And as the big day of Gunn's first announcements edges ever closer, the DC Studios CEO has offered one cryptic tease of what may be on the way.

James Gunn Teases 1 Character In New DCU Slate

On Saturday, January 28, DC Studios CEO James Gunn posted an Instagram story with a picture of him writing one of his own upcoming DCU projects next to his cat. The story was captioned "writing partner #caturday #emilymonster."

DCU, James Gunn, Amanda Waller

But what is most interesting comes from what's peaking out from the side of a covered-up document on a computer screen behind Gunn's cat, specifically the word "Waller," which is presumably in reference to ARGUS chief Amanda Waller, who is currently played by Viola Davis.

Amanda Waller, DCU, James Gunn Tease

This story segment could come from a number of Gunn's projects including the Amanda Waller HBO Max series, Peacemaker Season 2, the upcoming Superman reboot movie, or perhaps his secret unannounced show.

Gunn's post comes just days ahead of the announcement of his first slate of projects in his new DCU which will come by Tuesday, January 31.

What Is James Gunn Teasing for Amanda Waller?

Amanda Waller, Justice League

As Amanda Waller almost serves as the Nick Fury figure of DC, Gunn's tease of her involvement could point to any number of projects. After all, Viola Davis' ARGUS leader has already shown up multiple times in the DCEU in several Suicide Squad-related projects as well as Black Adam.

As of now, the new DCU has been described as a "broad but not blanket reset" that could keep some existing elements around. With Davis' Waller having been involved in Gunn's own The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, her role may well be safe as the filmmaker crafts the next era of DC storytelling.

Obviously, Gunn probably didn't drop Waller's name in this Instagram story by accident, as he will likely be looking over these pictures of his workstation multiple times to ensure he doesn't accidentally give anything away. So, of the many DC projects the DC Studios CEO is currently writing, which is Gunn teasing here?

Perhaps the most likely is the reported Amanda Waller HBO Max show that may or may not also be the secret unannounced series Gunn has teased. With the DCU boss still working on that project, it seems Davis, Waller, and her series have survived the reshuffle and will make it into this new universe.

Unless the character ends up getting recast as many of the heroes are expected to be, this only serves as further evidence that Gunn's DCU will not be a full reboot. Instead, it seems that certain elements and characters will be lingering around while others are replaced - something which will undoubtedly prove controversial.

James Gunn has yet to officially announce the date and platform of his DCU slate announcement that is expected to arrive before the end of January.

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