James Gunn, Sick of All Those 'Bulls--t' DC Rumors, Announces New Debunking Plan

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DC Studios co-lead and Superman: Legacy director/writer James Gunn just announced a new debunking plan when it comes to the many rumors that tend hit the web.

Recently, Gunn called out a Twitter user for blatantly fabricating rumors, asking point blank, "Why do you just keep posting lies?" The filmmaker chalked it up to them "lying for attention" but made it clear how some of that nonsense is "potentially harmful."

Astonishingly, the account in question even admitted to making everything up, going as far as asking Gunn if he "found some of [their] lies okay." As one would imagine, Gunn did not.

James Gunn Is Tired of Debunking Rumors

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On Twitter, Superman: Legacy writer and director James Gunn went off about all the rumors hitting the web regarding his upcoming Man of Steel film, and the many other DCU plans in the works.

The filmmaker called out how he's "getting barraged with bullshit DC rumors," and announced that, moving forward, he plans to "slow down on calling shit out" and debunking false reports:

"I’m getting barraged with bullshit DC rumors this morning. I’ll just reiterate the general rule not to believe anything unless it comes from me or Peter. But, unless it’s especially egregious, I’m going to slow down on calling shit out. (Sorry, I know, it’s one of my favorite traditions)."

There are a few reasons why Gunn is choosing to slow down on this front. He "[doesn't] want to encourage" people making up lies, he wants to avoid being used to weed out what's actually true, and he simply doesn't have the time as "[he's] storyboarding Superman: Legacy:"

"There are three reasons for this: 1) Some people are making up lies to get attention from me or to get clicks & I don’t want to encourage that. 2) I’ve read a hundred rumors this morning. ONE of them is half-true. So I don’t want to be used as a way for people to throw nonsense at the wall until something sticks. 3) I’m storyboarding 'Superman Legacy' and don’t have time! Have a great day!"

Gunn Is Slowing Down on the Debunking

So what triggered James Gunn to say this now?

Well, it's likely something to do with the big moderator post on the DCEULeaks subreddit.

The post is filled with clearly fabricated fanfiction, such as claims that James Gunn will be bringing back Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and Grant Gustin as their respective heroes in the DCU. 

However, some intriguing possibilities are mentioned in the more verified section, such as Damon Lindelof being an executive producer on Lanterns and Tom King coming aboard as the writer.

The fact remains, most of the rumors that hit the web are fabricated to get attention—so the more Gunn responds to them, the more those lies are successful. With his new position co-leading DC Studios with Peter Safran, it's honestly surprising that it took him this long to pull back on his habit of debunking whispers amongst fans.

Superman: Legacy hits theaters on July 11, 2025.

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