Iron Man Spin-off Movie, Armor Wars, Gets Conflicting Filming Updates

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The reported filming schedule for Marvel Studios' Armor Wars conflicts with news surrounding the upcoming MCU film.

Starring War Machine's Don Cheadle, Armor Wars is a semi-Iron Man spin-off that explores what happens when Stark Tech falls into the wrong hands.

While it was announced as a Disney+ series in September 2022, Marvel Studios revealed that Armor Wars had been adapted into a full-length film.

The studio has yet to provide a release date, but the MCU film was reported to begin filming in the coming months. But now, that no longer appears to be the case.

Armor Wars Conflicting Production Reports

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While Production List claims Armor Wars is filming from April 3 to August 4 of 2023, this report conflicts with evidence suggesting that the spin-off won't begin filming until later.

According to reliable scooper @MsLizzieHill, the "end of the year" is the most likely start date for filming Don Cheadle's Armor Wars:

"I agree with Charles Murphy (who wrote a long thread about this, this morning) that the rumored April start for Armor Wars seems to be incorrect. I'll add I just heard from a reliable source that 'end of the year' is more likely."

As for insider Charles Murphy's thread, the insider made the case for why April is unlikely, pointing out that "no director" has been announced and that usually happens "about a year before production:"

"THREAD on Armor Wars: I keep seeing info about Armor Wars filming from April to August. I have a very hard time believing that." 

1. There's been no director announced & that usually happens about a year before production. Schrier was hired June '22. Thunderbolts films in June '23"

He also noted that there have been "no casting announcements." In contrast, Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts, both of which "are filming this summer," have had "several castings made public:"

"2. There have been no casting announcements and nobody I know has seen a casting grid for Armor Wars. New World Order and Thunderbolts are filming this summer and there have been several castings made public. None for Armor Wars."

As for why Armor Wars is reportedly filming in April, Murphy has a theory.

In his thread, he mentions that Wonder Man is filming from April to August, suggesting that the source for Production List has Armor Wars "confused with Wonder Man somehow:"

"3. Wonder Man is filming from April through August. It has some cast members and is currently searching for others. 4. It's possible that whatever source is claiming Armor Wars is filming has it confused with Wonder Man somehow."

Murphy concluded his thread by posting that he would "follow up with Disney" about this unlikely scenario today:

"5. It is highly unlikely that there's any truth to the reports of Armor Wars shooting in April. I will follow up with Disney on this later today."

Sometime later, Murphy confirmed that he had "checked with Disney" and is "making the choice to not believe the April" start date:

"Checked with Disney on Armor Wars and I am making the choice to not believe the April info based on the response."

While this evidence contradicts Production List's claim, it's worth noting that the site has been a reliable source in the past, particularly in terms of the filming schedule for Agatha: Coven of Chaos, Loki's second season, and even DC's upcoming film, Joker 2.

Why Time Is Not on Armor Wars' Side

While Armor Wars had no confirmed release date, a sooner than later start date makes sense.

After all, the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion supposedly "kicks off whatever happens in Armor Wars." And, for reference, Secret Invasion is set to debut on Disney+ in Spring 2023.

In addition, back when Armor Wars was still streamer bound, it was expected to begin filming in Fall 2022.

However, since Armor Wars is being overhauled into a film, and due to Marvel Studios' already crowded slate, an April start date was already unrealistic, despite Production List's record of credibility.

Plus, as was pointed out on Twitter, Marvel hasn't announced a director or additional cast, which is the norm.

It will be interesting to see if the site did confuse Armor Wars with Wonder Man in the days to come and if Disney and Marvel Studios will release an update on War Machine's series-turned-film.

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