Inside Out 2's New Emotions: Full List of New Main Characters (Photos)

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UPDATED (March 7, 2024): Pixar has released a new trailer for Inside Out 2, giving a better look at the new emotions and which actor is playing each of the new emotions!

Inside Out 2 is confirmed to bring another group of emotions into the mix for young Riley, with its first trailer introducing a handful of new characters.

Coming nine years after the original Inside Out, Pixar and Disney are back in the spotlight with a teenaged Riley and the emotions in her head that guide her through a new time in her life.

Amy Poehler (Joy), Phillis Smith (Sadness), and Lewis Black all return to their roles from the first movie, with Hocus Pocus 2's Tony Hale replacing Bill Hader as Fear and Fast & Furious' Liza Lapira taking over the role of Disgust from Mindy Kaling.

Inside Out 2's New Emotions & Characters

Following the release of the first trailer for Inside Out 2, Disney and Pixar confirmed four new characters for the upcoming sequel that will give Riley new emotions to deal with as a teenager.

Those new characters can be seen below:

Anxiety - Maya Hawke

Anxiety, Maya Hawke
Anxiety, Maya Hawke

"Hello! Oh my gosh, I’m Anxiety. Where can I put my stuff?"

The one new star of the Inside Out 2 teaser trailer is orange-hued Anxiety, voiced in the Pixar sequel by Maya Hawke, daughter of actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

The new character arrives in Riley's head with six full suitcases draped across her arms, teasing the idea of the emotional baggage that comes with handling anxiety as a teenager.


Immediately after introducing herself, Anxiety starts apologizing to the original crew and explaining that she and the other new emotions want to make a good first impression.

Teenage years are usually when anxiety starts to become a factor in real life, with Maya Hawke embodying that in Riley as she makes new friends and starts to find her way in the world as a young adult. 

Ennui - Adèle Exarchopoulos


Another new emotion settling into Riley's head will be a dark blue/purple character named Ennui, although no actor has been announced to play the role yet.

Ennui translates to the idea of boredom, disinterest, and lack of excitement - something that many teenagers start to feel as more responsibilities and duties fall on their shoulders.

Ennui Inside Out 2

The look on Ennui's fave in Inside Out 2's poster perfectly embodies that sense of boredom and indignation, with the character likely being something of a drag on the rest of the supporting cast in the movie.

How much of an impact the new emotion has on Riley is still to be determined, especially next to other emotions that could be more passionate. Although boredom is nothing to be trifled with for a potentially moody teenager.

Ennui Inside Out 2

The second trailer for Inside Out 2 revealed that Ennui will be voiced by French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos, best known for her role in Blue Is the Warmest Colour.

Read about everything you need to know about Inside Out 2's Ennui here!

Embarrassment - Paul Walter Hauser


With stars in her eyes and a slightly terrified look on her face, the teal-colored Embarrassment takes (or avoids) the spotlight as one of Inside Out 2's newbies.

Being a teenager almost always comes with embarrassing moments amongst friends at school and immediate family as kids try out new things that don't always turn out to be the most successful.


While it's still unknown exactly what Riley will experience that leads to Embarrassment becoming prevalent in the story, the next steps in her life will contain some embarrassing situations one way or another.

Embarrassment Inside Out 2

It was officially revealed that Embarrassment would be voiced by Paul Walter Hauser, best known for his roles in I, Tonya, and Richard Jewell. 

Envy - Ayo Edebiri


Finally, becoming more involved with other teenagers brings out a well-known emotion, Envy, shown in Inside Out 2 as a pink being with somewhat sparkly hair.

Envy is quite a familiar emotion for people who have ever felt jealous or resentful of others, whether it be for their physical possessions, personal qualities, or even a run of good luck.

While kids typically don't feel envious of their friends or family members at a young age, the emotion naturally creeps into play as life gets more competitive, be it in school, sports, or even in the early dating world.

Combined with Embarrassment and Anxiety, feelings of envy are sure to give Riley some internal issues as she learns to make friends and navigate new social situations.

Envy Inside Out 2

The second Inside Out 2 trailer also revealed that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Bottoms star Ayo Edebiri would be voicing Envy!

You can watch the full second trailer for Inside Out 2 below:

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Inside Out 2 debuts on June 14.

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