House of Heat Cast: Meet the Real People In Tubi Show (Photos)

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House of Heat cast members

A cast of adult influencers led by Nafeesah Fosh Terry live inside a house to learn more about each other's businesses in Tubi's House of Heat

House of Heat is a unique reality series that explores what happens when a group of sexy content creators move in together. The show highlights drunk fights, juggling between work and motherhood, and dealing with slut-shaming.

House of Heat premiered on Tubi on June 6. 

Every Main Cast Member of Tubi's House of Heat 

Nafeesah Fosh Terry

Nafeesah Fosh Terry in House of Heat Episode 1
Nafeesah Fosh Terry

Temptation Island alum Nafeesah Fosh Terry joins the cast of Tubi's House of Heat. The reality series star and famous content creator is also a real estate agent and model with a plethora of brand partnerships. 

Aside from Temptation Island, the New Jersey native also became part of another reality show, Wild N'Out, a long-running MTV and VH1 series. 

In House of Heat Episode 1, Nafeesah talks about doing implied nude content and showing off her boobs online.

Chase DeMoor  

Chase DeMoor in House of Heat Episode 1
Chase DeMoor 

Chase DeMoor, a former football player of Central Washington University, is part of the content creator lineup of House of Heat.

Chase has many notable credits in the world of reality TV, with him appearing in Too Hot to Handle, Floor is Lava, Perfect Match, and In Real Life.

DeMoor built a reputation of being the villain in most of his reality TV stints and it appears that he will embrace it again in House of Heat.

Ava Louise

Ava Louise in House of Heat Episode 1
Ava Louise

Ava Louise is an OnlyFans content creator from New Jersey who made headlines after a much-talked-about interview with Dr. Phil in 2019 where she stated that she wants to be a "skinny legend."

She also became viral after flashing her breasts at the New York-Dublin portal in May 2024 which caused the public attraction to shut down.

Ava, alongside her boyfriend Vinny, joins other content creators in House of Heat to gain insight on how to improve her online presence.

In House of Heat Episode 1, Ava admits that she does everything on her OnlyFans while revealing that she earns $125,000 a month. 

Sumner Blayne

Sumner Blayne in House of Heat Episode 1
Sumner Blayne

Sumner Blayne, a content creator and porn star, appears in House of Heat with her boyfriend, Koaty. 

The gay couple have been together for five years and they are also engaged. 

The pair are still going strong and they hope that their chemistry carries over to the rest of their peers inside the house. 

Blayne has acting credits in The Men, Sean Cody, and Count Me In

Brandon Karson

Brandon Karson in House of Heat Episode 1
Brandon Karson

Brandon Karson is a social media influencer and underwear model who is not afraid of going nude online. 

As an underwear model, Brandon points out that "you can tell a lot about a man about what he wears under his pants, how he packages his package."

Brandon just started collaborating on OnlyFans and he hopes to learn more about the seasoned content creators who are part of the House of Heat.

Koaty Blayne

Koaty Blayne in House of Heat Episode 1
Koaty Blayne

Koaty Blane is a content creator and a structural engineer who takes part in the House of Heat alongside her boyfriend, Sumner.

Koaty and Sumner are head over heels for one another and they are ready to prove that there is true love in the crazy business of sexual content online.

Steph Mi

Steph Mi in House of Heat Episode 1
Steph Mi

Steph Mi is a famous influencer, athlete, entrepreneur, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She is ready to make waves in House of Heat.

What makes Steph unique from her fellow content creators is the fact that she has never gone nude online. 

Episode 1 sees Steph talking about the challenges of juggling her businesses and motherhood, noting that she wants to be a role model to her child. 

Jade Ramey

Jade Ramey in House of Heat Episode 1
Jade Ramey

Part of House of Heat's stellar lineup of content creators is Jade Ramey, a social media influencer on Instagram and TikTok and OnlyFans creator. 

Right off the bat, Jade proclaims that she is not looking for love since "boys suck." She also says that she joined House of Heat to "do business" and simply "focus on [herself]." 

Vinny Buffa

Vinny Buffa in House of Heat Episode 1
Vinny Buffa

Vinny Buffa is Ava Louise's boyfriend who joins here in the content creator mansion in Tubi's House of Heat

Together with Ava, Vinny creates content on their OnlyFans to satisfy avid fans.

Outside of content creation, Vinny works in construction as a heavy equipment operator.

House of Heat is streaming on Tubi.

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