Full Cast of Fatal Lust on Tubi - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Twin actors Justin and Jeremy Farrar lead the cast of Tubi's newest thriller, Fatal Lust.

Fatal Lust revolves around the reunion of identical twin brothers from Atlanta, which is marked by resentment, betrayal, and vengeance. 

Fatal Lust's Main Actors & Characters 

Justin Farrar - Carson J. Kimbrough

Justin Farrar as Carson Kimbrough in Fatal Lust
Justin Farrar 

Justin Farrar brings Carson J. Kimbrough to life in Fatal Lust

Carson is a well-respected lawyer promoted to assistant district attorney at the beginning of the movie. He stands up against gun violence and drug addiction. 

While his career is taking off, the unexpected return of his brother, Cameron, turns his life around in ways he did not expect. 

Farrar is best known for his roles in Anjels of Lion City, Gypsi, and Entanglement.

Jeremi Farrar - Cameron Kimbrough

Jeremi Farrar as Cameron Kimbrough in Fatal Lust
Jeremi Farrar 

Justin's twin brother, Jeremi Farrar, plays Cameron Kimbrough, Carson's brother who was in jail for seven years. 

After being released from prison with the help of his brother Carson, Cameron tries to restart his life. However, his past eventually catches up with him, leading him back to a life of crime and drugs.

Jeremi Farrar has credits in A Little Piece of Heaven, Gypsi, and Cain and Abel.

Ashanti Harris - Brianna Douglas

Ashanti Harris as Brianna Douglas in Fatal Lust
Ashanti Harris

Ashanti Harris stars as Brianna Douglas, Carson's fiancé and a real estate agent.

In Fatal Lust, Brianna tries to understand Carson's busy schedule as assistant district attorney, but she eventually gets tired of it. 

Brianna later gets close to Cameron, ultimately leading to an unexpected affair.

Harris previously appeared in Tough Love: Atlanta, Clout, and The Love Coach

Paws the Model - Jocelyn Carver

Paws the Model as Jocelyn Carver in Fatal Lust
Paws the Model

Paws the Model joins the cast of Fatal Lust as Jocelyn Carver, Brianna's friend and an interior designer who works alongside her in real estate.

Paws the Model can be seen in Two Brothers, #Plugged, and New Year, New Us.

Tera Chantelle - Tika

Tera Chantelle as Tika in Fatal Lust
Tera Chantelle

Tika is Cameron and Carson's cousin who helps Brianna with her wedding preparations. The character is played on-screen by Tera Chantelle.

Chantelle's notable credits include Royal Purpose, New Year, New Us, and Faust the Necromancer.

Sean Larkins - District Attorney Sam West

Sean Larkins as DA Sam West in Fatal Lust
Sean Larkins

District Attorney Sam West (played by Sean Larkins) is Carson's best friend and boss with whom he usually hangs out during downtime.

Sam asks Carson if he is sure about marrying Brianna, pointing out that his illustrious career in law could give him a wide array of options instead of a wedding. 

Larkins is best known for his roles in Off the Chainz, The Neighborhood, and Stingers.

Constance West - Ms. Tina

Constance West as Ms. Tina in Fatal Lust
Constance West

Constance West plays Ms. Tina, Carson and Cameron's mother. 

When Cameron gets out of prison, Ms. Tina grows concerned over the shady business that he is in. Being suspicious about the ordeal, Ms. Tina kicks Cameron out of the house. 

Fatal Lust is Constance West's major acting credit.

Cartel WatchMe - Tavious

Cartel WatchMe as Tavious in Fatal Lust
Cartel WatchMe

Cartel WatchMe appears as Tavious, another local drug dealer in Ray's operation.

Cartel WatchMe has credits in New Year, New Us and The Aftermath.

Sticktalk Marley - Rayvious

Sticktalk Marley as Rayvious in Fatal Lust
Sticktalk Marley

Sticktalk Marley is part of the cast as Rayvious. 

Rayvious is a local drug dealer who is a bad influence on Cameron. Unbeknownst to his brother, he actively recruited Cameron to join their operation. 

In exchange, Ray gives Cameron money and a car to buy his loyalty. 

Marley can also be seen in New Year, New Us and The Aftermath as well.

Fatal Lust is now streaming on Tubi. 

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