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Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn Officially Developing Another DC Superhero Show

James Gunn DC
By Benny Stein

Though the DCEU has slowed down a bit in the wake of the pandemic, 2022 looks to be a strong year for the franchise, with at least five projects scheduled for release. Fans looking forward to the continuation of the universe need only wait a few more days, with the James Gunn-led Peacemaker landing on HBO Max on January 13.

The series acts as a continuation of the story of The Suicide Squad, seeing John Cena's Peacemaker carry out his work for Argus with new and returning faces alike.

Even as Gunn is becoming quite a prolific figure in the DCU, with The Suicide Squad and the upcoming Peacemaker marking the two most recent entries in the franchise, the director has noted that he's not looking to become the head or face of the universe. Still, Gunn is poised to head another project in the DC world, though he has remained extremely tight-lipped about it so far.

Plans have already been laid for a second season of Peacemaker, though fans will likely have to wait for the full 8 episode run of the inaugural season to drop before hearing more. Even so, some information has already been revealed about Gunn's other DC projects...

Gunn Heading Back to TV With His Next DC Project

James Gunn DC

Speaking with Collider about his work on Peacemaker, James Gunn revealed that his secret in-the-works project for DC would be another television series. The silver-haired director's remarks were quite brief, with Gunn only going as far as saying "It's TV. There you go."

Gunn also spoke to how far along this mystery project is, noting that "You know, we're stepping forward. It keeps happening. We'll see what's happening, and I'll know what's happening very shortly. I dealt with it last night and this morning."

What Could James Gunn Be Working On?

While there are many possibilities for this mystery project, a few pieces of evidence seem to point towards one conclusion. In all likeliness, Gunn's newest series will stay focused on the Suicide Squad corner of the DCEU that the director has already made his own.

In a recent interaction with a fan on Twitter, Gunn seemed to hint that future Suicide Squad spinoff series (say that three times fast) in the vein of Peacemaker were in the works. While this may be an entirely different project, the director already has a lot on his plate, with this mystery project, Peacemaker season two, and, over on the MCU side of things, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the aptly named The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special all in various stages of development.

If this project does end up focusing on the cast of characters from The Suicide Squad, there are a few likely possibilities for the starring role. Gunn recently shot down rumors about a possible Bloodsport series, making it unlikely that Idris Elba's assassin will end up the focus of this mystery show.

The rest of the surviving members of the Squad are all potential candidates, including Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, King Shark, and, yes, even Weasel. However, with Margot Robbie saying she needs a break from her character, Harley Quinn is likely also out of the running. 

Even the characters that died in 2020's The Suicide Squad aren't entirely off the table, however, with John Cena's Peacemaker, the star of the upcoming series, seeming to die during the events of that film.

With Gunn's unique sensibilities, it is difficult to pin down where exactly he will decide to go next in the DCEU. All that is certain is that whatever he tackles next will likely be as unique and surprising as anything else the eclectic figure has produced.