Godzilla Minus One Gets Exciting Streaming Release Update (Report)

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Godzilla from Godzilla Minus One

A recent update regarding Godzilla Minus One's U.S. streaming release has fans giddy over the prospect of the kaiju-sized blockbuster arriving stateside. 

The latest Godzilla epic from Japanese studio Toho Co. Ltd. debuted in theaters in late 2023, making a short but successful appearance in U.S. cinemas. 

Since then, a post-theatrical plan for the film (at least outside of Japan) has remained shrouded in secrecy. Even as the movie has taken on cult-like status, winning the Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the 96th Academy Awards, news on the movie's next steps outside its home territory has been in short supply.

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Godzilla Minus One Hits PVOD Soon

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Godzilla Minus One

According to a new report, fans may not be waiting much longer for Godzilla Minus One's U.S. streaming release. 

As posted by When To Stream on X (formerly Twitter), the Oscar-winning blockbuster does not yet have a specific release date to announce, but it could be coming to digital storefronts like Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video "as early as next week:"

"While we don't yet have a confirmed release date, it's looking likely that 'Godzilla Minus One' is coming to VOD and digital platforms in the US very soon, maybe as early as next week. We'll post as we get more info."

While not specified by the outlet, one can assume it refers to the week of May 27 to June 2, given the post was uploaded on Saturday, May 25. However, there is a chance they could mean the following week starting Monday, June 6.

This comes mere days after Toho President and CEO Hiro Matsouka reassured fans the Japanese studio has put "mak[ing] access to [their content internationally] easier" at the top of its priority list:

"Yes, overseas opportunities have been part of our long-term growth strategy. We recognize that the fan base for our content — both Godzilla and anime — has been growing internationally in recent years, and in many cases has developed into passionate and deep-rooted communities. Our goal is to make access to the content they enjoy easier, while also gaining awareness with new audiences."

Matsuoka's comments, paired with this PVOD report could all be an indication U.S. fans will not have to wait longer to watch Godzilla Minus One at home.

When Will Godzilla Minus One Come to Streaming?

While no Godzilla Minus One streaming release date has been made public, news of a potential PVOD release means the wheels are in motion towards it hitting a streamer in the U.S.

Minus One is now officially streaming in its home territory of Japan, coming to Amazon Prime Video on May 3. 

This was mere days after the film's Japanese physical release on May 1. 

If Godzilla Minus One comes to digital storefronts in the U.S. before the second week of June, one can assume it will be on streaming not too soon after. 

While there are not many titles to compare Minus One to, one recent film could serve as a template for what Toho has planned for the movie when it comes to its streaming release stateside. 

Toho is also involved in the release of Hollywood Godzilla films like this year's Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

New Empire debuted in theaters on March 29 before hitting digital on May 14. 

Godzilla x Kong still does not have a streaming release, but it is assumed to be coming soon to the Warner Bros. Max platform (likely about a month after its digital release in early June). 

That means if Godzilla Minus One follows its American cinematic Kaiju brother, a streaming release would probably land sometime in early to mid-July. 

As for where it will stream, that is still unknown. It could follow its Japanese release, hitting Amazon Prime Video. Or, given Toho's past relationship working with Warner Bros. and Legendary on the MonsterVerse films, it may opt to arrive on Max. 

Godzilla Minus One is reported to come to PVOD sometime before Sunday, June 12.

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