Godzilla Minus One Cast: Every English Dub Voice Main Actor (Photos)

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Godzilla Minus One Cast: English Dub Voice Actors

Get all the details on the voice actors who lent their talents to the English dub of Godzilla Minus One.

All eyes are on Godzilla Minus One. The Oscar-winning film, released in theaters last December, has made waves in part due to its recent arrival on Netflix.

One neat little feature of the movie being made available on the streaming juggernaut is the ability to watch it with an English-speaking voice cast who have performed all of the film’s dialogue in a new dub.

All of the Actors in Godzilla Minus One’s English Dub

Darren Barnet - Kōichi Shikishima

Darren Barnet and Kōichi Shikishima

Godzilla Minus One’s lead character Kōichi Shikishima was voiced in the film’s English dub by Darren Barnet. Shikishima Is a young kamikaze pilot who stops short of carrying out his lethal mission and feels like a failure because of it.

Suffering from extreme guilt, he and a woman named Noriko take a child under their care and manage to build a family.

Barnet has a variety of live-action and voice roles under his belt, dating back several years. He was in the popular recent rom-com Anyone But You and even appeared in two episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD back in 2020.

Shikishima was originally played by Ryunosuke Kamiki in Godzilla Minus One.

Ell - Noriko Ōishi

Ell and Noriko Ōishi

Actor, musician, and model Ell provided voice work for Noriko Ōishi. Noriko spends much of the first act of Godzilla Minus One falling in love with Shikishima only for her to seemingly perish in one of Godzilla‘s brutal attacks.

By the movie’s end, Noriko is miraculously found alive and well in a hospital room where she is reunited with Shikishima. But a small detail in the scene could hint at something sinister on the horizon.

Godzilla Minus One is not Ell’s first foray into English dubs of foreign language productions. They recently provided voiceover work for the K-drama Queen of Tears among others. They also acted in General Hospital and The L Word: Generation Q.

Minami Hamabe appeared as Noriko in the film.

Khoi Dao - Shirō Mizushima

Khoi Dao and Shirō Mizushima

Professional voice actor Khoi Dao lent his vocal chords to dubbing the role of Shirō Mizushima. 

In Minus One, Mizushima works on a minesweeping boat that’s tasked with removing explosives from the ocean after World War II. He is seen as a bit green by his colleagues but the young man comes through in the end.

Khoi Dao performed characters in various anime and video games. Most recently, he was credited with additional voice work for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Persona 3 Reload.

Yuki Yamada played Mizushima In Godzilla Minus One.

Greg Chun - Sōsaku Tachibana

Greg Chun and Sōsaku Tachibana

Another voice actor by trade, Greg Chun did the English dialogue for Sōsaku Tachibana.

Tachibana is a Navy technician who appears at the very start of Godzilla Minus One and bears witness to a fearsome attack from Big G himself. He and Shikishima were the only survivors of the surprise assault.

In addition to his voice work in shows such as One Punch Man, Greg Chun is also a music producer who has worked with groups like the Andy Samberg-fronted The Lonely Island.

In the original film, Tachibana was portrayed by Munetaka Aoki.

Keong Sim - Kenji Noda

Keong Sim and Kenji Noda

Actor Keong Sim dubbed the character of scientist and engineer ‘Doc’ Kenji Noda. 

In the movie, Noda helped create and implement an elaborate offensive that was designed to destroy Godzilla by rapidly sinking him to the ocean floor and then just as quickly bringing him back up to the surface. This operation was unsuccessful, although Godzilla was (temporarily) defeated through other means.

The Vietnamese-born Keong Sim has credits in such series as Glee, Dead to Me, and The Lincoln Lawyer.

Hidetaka Yoshioka appeared as Noda in Godzilla Minus One.

Zehra Fazal - Sumiko Ōta

Zehra Fazal and Sumiko Ōta

Zehra Fazal provided the dubbing voice work for Shikishima‘s neighbor Sumiko Ōta, who helped care for the child Akiko after Noriko was presumed dead.

Fazal splits her talents between voice acting and appearing in live-action projects. She voiced the villain Livewire in My Adventures with Superman and has also had small roles in shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Lucifer.

Ōta was played by Sakura Ando in the movie.

James Kyson - Yōji Akitsu

James Kyson as Yōji Akitsu

Yōji Akitsu’s English dub voice was done by James Kyson.

Akitsu was the captain of the minesweeper boat on which Shikishimi found employment. The vessel also crosses paths with Godzilla at one key point in the film and the men aboard find themselves face to face with the giant monster.

James Kyson has previously played parts in BMF, Lovecraft Country, and We Bare Bears.

Kuranosuke Sasaki portrayed Akitsu in Godzilla Minus One.

Everdeen Angeles - Akiko

Akiko in Godzilla Minus One

Although she does not have many lines, little Akiko’s voice was dubbed by child actress Everdeen Angeles, whose contributions to Godzilla Minus One stand as her only acting credit.

Akiko was played by Sae Nagatani in the original movie.

Kelvin Han Yee - Tatsuo Hotta

Kelvin Han Yee and Tatsuo Hotta

Kelvin Han Yee performed the voice of Tatusio Hotta, a high-ranking naval captain who helped spearhead the plan to take down Godzilla.

Veteran actor Han Yee has roles that date back to the mid-1980s, with credits in movies like Patch Adams and television series such as Chuck.

Miou Tanaka Played Hotta in Godzilla Minus One.

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