Is Jensen Ackles' Ghost Rider Movie Releasing In 2025? New Reboot Speculation Explained

By Nathan Johnson Posted:
Jensen Ackles, Ghost Rider

A recently released movie trailer featuring Jensen Ackles has fans questioning the future of Ghost Rider in the MCU.

Is a Jensen Ackles Ghost Rider Movie in the Works?

A new trailer has been making its rounds on YouTube featuring Jensen Ackles as the Marvel anti-hero, Ghost Rider, and teasing that a film starring the actor will be released in 2025.

While the footage does feature Ghost Rider, most of the shots are from his appearance in the Agents of SHIELD TV series. Additionally, much of the footage of Ackles is from his portrayal of Soldier Boy in Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, indicating the trailer is fake.

However, that does not mean fans won't see Ghost Rider on-screen sometime in the future in a Marvel Studios project, especially since the MCU is always expanding its catalog of heroes, villains, and every other type of character in between.

Ghost Rider's Potential On-Screen Future

Rumors of a Ghost Rider appearance in the MCU have swirled for years, with fans hoping actors such as Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) will take on the role.

For example, some sort of Ghost Rider project was reportedly in the works at Marvel Studios in 2020, but the public never heard an official confirmation from the studio or president Kevin Feige.

It is always possible that it was put on the back burner since, at that time, the Infinity Saga had just ended and all hands were on deck trying to get the Multiverse Saga off the ground.

One year later in 2021, more reports surfaced that Marvel Studios could be in talks with an actor regarding the role of Ghost Rider, but again, no official announcements ever came along.

It is important to remember, however, that the MCU is still in the midst of its Multiverse Saga, which may not be the best place to introduce Ghost Rider.

Marvel Studios also may have planned on including a tease or even the character's introduction in the upcoming Blade movie (since both are rooted in the supernatural side of the universe), and since the film has been delayed so many times, no new developments, rumors, or confirmations have surfaced regarding the character.

If Ghost Rider were to be introduced in another project, he would almost definitely receive a feature film or a live-action Disney+ series centered solely around him.

It is entirely possible that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have already found someone to play the character, and are just holding off on announcing it until the time is right or so they don't spoil anything that has already been announced.

After all, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law did include some sneaky teases that may end up tying into the character at some point down the line.

Will Jensen Ackles Play Ghost Rider in the MCU?

As of writing, it has not been confirmed who will portray Ghost Rider in the MCU.

Of course, Jensen Ackles is a beloved actor who has proved he can bring his talents to the comic book genre (The Boys), so there is always a chance that he could play the character, but no rumors or reports indicate that he has been approached for the role.

Many fans have expressed interest in seeing Norman Reedus portray the character, and others have been vocal about wanting Gabriel Luna (who played Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD) to return.

Fans will most likely have a definite answer on who will play Ghost Rider in the MCU sometime in the near future, but as of right now, Marvel Studios has not revealed anything official for the character.

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