Marvel Reportedly Considering Steven Spielberg for New Fantastic Four Movie

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Fantastic Four is easily one of the most anticipated projects on Marvel Studios' slate. Ever since the Disney-Fox merger, the iconic family was immediately something fans wanted to see put into the MCU as soon as possible. Audiences got a little tease of what that would be like thanks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which showcased John Krasinski as Reed Richards.

Sadly, it doesn't look like the actor will be sticking around since Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did the casting because it was "an alternate universe" and "since fans wanted it." But before the project finds its four leading cast members, it'll need to get a director.

While Jon Watts was directing it at one point and time, he "need[ed] a break" after his work on Spider-Man: No Way Home. While no replacement has been named yet, Deadline previously revealed that Fantastic Four is "easily Marvel's top ODA (Open Directing Assignment)."

Well, now, it's been revealed that the studio may have reached out to none other than Steven Spielberg to gauge his interest in the property.

Could Fantastic Four Land Spielberg?

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Mike Sampson, a former reporter at The Vulture, reported on Twitter that Marvel Studios at one point reached out to director Steven Spielberg, the man behind classic films such as Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, to see if he had any interest in helming the MCU The Fantastic Four film.

Sampson noted that he thinks the inquiries are "as far as the 'discussions' went presumably because SS has no interest:"

"Ok I'm not in the scoop game anymore, but have heard that Marvel did reach out to Spielberg's team to gauge interest in directing Fantastic Four, but that's as far as the "discussions" went presumably because SS has no interest."

He also pointed out that the famed director is unlikely to want to "be micromanaged by the house style:"

"Also, plenty of rumors out there that The Fablemans could be Spielberg's last, so hard to believe he'd want to sneak in a Marvel movie where he can be micromanaged by the house style"

Variety Senior Entertainment Writer Adam B. Vary made it clear that the rumors of Spielberg being chosen to direct the reboot are "absolutely not true:"

"Shocking news, everyone: I've heard the wildly implausible rumor that Steven Spielberg is directing the Marvel Studios reboot of Fantastic 4 is absolutely not true. Sorry!"

Who Will Win the Directing Gig?

It's likely many aren't thrown off by how Steven Spielberg seemingly won't be taking the gig (assuming that he was, in fact, offered it). He definitely seems like the kind of director that wants all of the control possible. While Marvel Studios doesn't restrict filmmakers as badly as some have been led to believe, the studio does still have a modicum of control, seeing as they do have an entire Cinematic Universe to worry about.

So who could take the spot? Well, Peyton Reed has expressed interest in the Fantastic Four before, but he's currently busy finishing up Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so it's unlikely. John Krasinski is another possibility; while he may not return as Reed, he is also a big-time director who could easily play ball with Marvel, especially since he's recently collaborated with them.

Hopefully, fans will know the answers soon, seeing as San Diego Comic-Con is coming up in a matter of days, with Disney D23 not all that long after. There are expected to be some big announcements across the two events, so fingers crossed that Fantastic Four will be among them.

Fantastic Four is currently rumored to go into production in 2023, leading to a probable 2024 theatrical debut.

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