First Look at MCU’s NEW Falcon Actor In Superhero Costume (Low-res Photo)

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Joaquin Torres, Danny Ramirez Falcon, Marvel Studios logo

As production continues for Captain America: New World Order, fans got a glimpse of Danny Ramirez's Falcon costume. 

Along with a new Captain America, Captain America 4 is also set to debut a new version of the MCU hero Falcon, with Ramirez's Joaquin Torres taking the wings from Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson. 

Ramirez has been seen on set for quite some time, but the character has yet to don his superhero costume in any photos from the Marvel Studios production despite getting into super-powered shape for the upcoming blockbuster

Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

But with new looks at a redesigned Cap suit for Mackie's Sam recently coming to light, it was only a matter of time before the new Falcon makes his debut online. 

Meet the MCU's New Falcon

New set photos from the ongoing production of Captain America: New World Order revealed a first look at the new Falcon costume set to debut in the star-spangled blockbuster. 

In the photo (as shared by nova.era.geek on Instagram), Danny Ramirez's Joaquin Torres can be seen sporting his super-powered look alongside Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson/Captain America.

Not much can be gleaned from the quick glimpse; however, the character's look seems reminiscent of Mackie's MCU Falcon look, albeit with a comic-accurate color palette swap. 

Falcon 1
Marvel Comics

Ramirez's Falcon looks to be sporting the brown and green color scheme of his character from the comics, although this movie costume looks to be a little more based on reality than the armor-like comic look.

Breaking Down Captain America 4's New Falcon Costume

While the image posted here does not offer the best look at Captain America 4's Falcon costume, there are some details for fans to break down. 

Where Anthony Mackie's version of the character never really got anything that resembled his classic comics costume, Danny Ramirez's Falcon looks to have taken much more inspiration from his comic book counterpart. 

Sure, the costume seems to be a little more tactical, looking like it could be a real piece of military tech, but the color scheme is pretty close to what he looked like on the page. 

It is hard to tell from the low resolution of the photo, but the character does seem to have something on his head, meaning he could be rocking his classic Falcon helmet in the film, with the mirrored bronze eyes and perhaps even the subtle beak.

And with dreams of a superhero team-up with some of the MCU's best and brightest, Ramirez's hero will need this super-powered look as this only feels like the beginning for his character in the costumed franchise. 

Captain America: New World Order is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

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