Anthony Mackie's Falcon Replacement Spotted With Star on Captain America 4 Set (Photo)

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Filming is underway on Captain America: New World Order and two lead stars have been spotted together on set. 

It's well known that Anthony Mackie will be suiting up as Captain America going forward in the MCU, taking up the shield from the previous captain, Steve Rogers. That leaves Wilson's old mantle of the Falcon open for the taking in Captain America 4.

The events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed Wilson passing on his EXO-7 Falcon suit to his friend Joaquin Torres, played by Danny Ramirez. The actor has since been spotted hitting the gym in preparation for filming, leading to the idea that Torres will be suiting up for a superhero role in this sequel.

The New Captain America and Falcon

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New photos taken from the Captain America: New World Order set gave a glimpse of Anthony Mackie and Danny Ramirez working together. 

Images published by Just Jared show Mackie and Ramirez in casual clothes in between takes in Atlanta, where the production is currently filming. 

More images show Mackie and Ramirez peering out from within a restaurant. 

A Dynamic Duo In Captain America 4

Falcon has always been a loyal companion to Captain America, which has been evident in past Marvel films, and it seems that bond will be continuing in New World Order, if these set photos are anything to go by.

With Sam Wilson stepping up to become Captain America, it appears Torres is ready to replace him as Falcon. Marvel is yet to confirm that this replacement is official, but it would certainly make logical sense given the ending of TFATWS. 

A sneak peek of a new Falcon suit on the Captain America 4 set also seemingly confirms that Ramirez will be the one wearing the wings. 

With Tim Nelson's The Incredible Hulk villain the Leader set to return, as well as a new villain played by WWE star Seth Rollins, Captain America will certainly need all the allies he can get. So the sooner Torres takes flight as Falcon, the better.

Captain America: New World Order is set to release on May 3, 2024.

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