How Ezra Miller Reportedly Abused Others Using His Flash Role

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One of the few constants at Warner Bros. Discovery these days is the ongoing drama of The Flash's Ezra Miller, whose own long-awaited solo film is set to release on June 23, 2023.

Amidst the tumult of Warner Bros. and Discovery's merger, Miller was involved in a string of arrests and disturbing allegations ranging from assault and burglary to grooming and endangerment. 

The studio seemed to have stemmed the flow when Ezra Miller finally issued an official statement and apology. But once again, Miller is back in the headlines due to new reports of abuse and disturbing behavior both on-set and off-camera. 

How Ezra Miller Weaponized DC Role

Flash Ezra Miller

As reported by Vanity Fair, not only has The Flash's Ezra Miller verbally and emotionally abused individuals in the time following their 2016 Justice League casting as the Scarlet Speedster, but they also associated - if not identified - themself as both Jesus and the devil. 

Of the three actors who noted this behavior, one, in particular, relayed that Miller once claimed: "the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus."

A more recent incident, which took place in January of this year, involved Miller threatening a North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan on social media while wearing the Flash ring, saying, "I suggest killing yourselves with your own guns," as well as, "we'll do it for you:"

“Look, if y’all want to die, I suggest just killing yourselves with your own guns, okay? Otherwise, keep doing exactly what you’re doing right now—and you know what I’m talking about—then, you know, we’ll do it for you, if that’s what you really want.” 

In the caption, The Flash star also warned that "This is not a joke" and "trust me and take this seriously:"

“This is not a joke and even though I do recognize myself to be a clown please trust me and take this seriously.”

In regard to Miller's behavior toward those in his inner circle, Vanity Fair also shared quotes from the actor's former fiance, Erin, who requested to be identified by her first name only. 

According to Erin, who dated the actor in 2016 when they were first cast for Justice League, Ezra Miller "wasn't violent or physically abusive:"

“The Ezra I knew wasn’t violent or physically abusive toward anyone. To think back is painful because we had a deep love and he was good to me.” 

However, after their breakup, she believes that Miller gaslighted her:

“For years he convinced me and all our friends that I was abusive.... But looking back, I would be calling out his disrespect and he wouldn’t take responsibility and just call me abusive because of my reaction. I could have handled it better. I didn’t know the term gaslight back then. I was emotionally f***** up for years.” 

Erin went on to share that Miller broke up with her after the actor hired a spiritual advisor who claimed she was a parasite. 

But as other allegations of Miller's abusive behavior began to surface, Erin came to believe that "Maybe I wasn't the abusive one after all."

Lastly, Erin confessed that she doesn't want to make excuses for Miller anymore, and that his "illusions of grandeur need to be called out:"

“I can make excuses for him all day, but I don’t want to anymore. The illusions of grandeur need to be called out. I will love Ezra always, and I don’t want him to continue down this dark road.”

The Flash's Not-So-Speedy Damage Control

Flash Ezra Miller

These new claims of how Ezra Miller has reportedly viewed themself and their role have come to light at the same time the actor's team attempts to deal with his previous record of wrongs.

In another piece by Vanity Fair, Miller's representative tackled claims of the actor's instances of assault, felony burglary, and even requiring visitors to leave cell phones and offerings on an altar.

While the rep's explanations would've done little to absolve the controversy, the attempts may have been too little, too late, or - in light of these new claims of the actor's longtime delusions - poor timing altogether. 

As each of Miller's past actions is being addressed, the public is becoming a brand-new list that actually supports the prior allegations. 

After all, since Miller supposedly saw themself and their role as akin to spiritual figures, that may explain why they long weaponized their position against others and viewed themselves as above the law. 

It will be interesting to see if and how Warner Bros. and Miller will address this new wave of claims and if any other bombshells are in store between now and June 2023.

The Flash is set to release in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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