New Ezra Bridger Actor Eman Esfandi Shares Blunt Response to Star Wars Debut

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Ezra Bridger Eman Esfandi

Eman Esfandi shared his initial thoughts about his Star Wars debut as Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka.

The search for Ezra has been one of the focal points in Ahsoka, and fans have greatly anticipated the reunion between him and other Star Wars Rebels characters like Sabine Wren

Esfandi has been attached to play Ezra Bridger since September 2022, indicating that the live-action version of the character would ultimately appear in the latest Star Wars series.

The Disney+ show's trailers and official merchandise then confirmed Ezra's presence

Ezra Bridger Actor Reacts to Star Wars Debut

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren in Ahsoka show
Star Wars

In Ahsoka Episode 6, the much-awaited reunion between Eman Esfandi's Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren finally happened. 

Although Sabine was Morgan Elsbeth's prisoner during their arrival in Peridea, Grand Admiral Thrawn surprisingly agreed to honor Baylon Skull's word of allowing her to look for Ezra. 

Through the help of a howler and the Noti, Sabine was able to find Ezra. 

In a post from X (formerly Twitter) following the episode's debut, Esfandi shared a brief yet blunt reaction about his Star Wars debut as Ezra Bridger saying, “[Not gonna lie,] I’m buzzin’ [right now.]:"

"ngl I’M BUZZIN’ RN"

In the latest episode, the actor portrayed a much older version of Ezra, with him sporting a beard and long hair. 

While Ezra only appeared in a limited role in the latest installment, it is expected that the character will be pushed to the forefront in Ahsoka's final two episodes.

What Is Next for Ezra Bridger?

Eman Esfandi is clearly ecstatic about his debut in the galaxy far, far away, which is understandable since he is playing an integral character in the franchise's narrative. 

The actor's tweet is also a wise way of knowing how fans reacted to his debut. So far, the replies are generally positive, and that is a win-win. 

Ahsoka's next episode will likely show Ezra finding out how Sabine was able to go to Peridea and find him. 

It's likely that Ezra and Sabine will argue at first, considering the latter's decision to willingly join Morgan Elsbeth's quest to search for Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

However, the pair's clash is expected to be put to the sidelines since Baylan Skull and Shin Hati are not too far behind. 

Episode 7 could unveil Ezra's fighting prowess, with scenes of him using his lightsaber against the two Force users finally being showcased in live-action. Another reunion could be in the cards between Ahsoka and Ezra as well. 

Hopefully, Esfandi's Ezra will shed some more light on what he has been up to all these years in Peridea and whether or not he is aware that Thrawn is still alive. 

Ahsoka Episode 7 premieres next Tuesday, September 26 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 a.m. ET on Disney+.

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