New Ezra Bridger Actor Shares Blunt Response to Ahsoka's Finale

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Eman Esfandi Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka

Ezra Bridger actor Eman Esfandi had the perfect social media reaction after his performance in Ahsoka's finale. 

From fighting alongside Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren against Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces to creating a new lightsaber that even has a connection to Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka Episode 8 showcased several memorable moments featuring Ezra. 

Although the finale ended with Ahsoka and Sabine stranded in Peridea, the fact that Ezra got home and reunited with Hera and Chopper is still a win for Star Wars Rebels fans. 

Eman Esfandi Reacts to Ahsoka Finale

Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka
Star Wars

Eman Esfandi, who portrayed Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka, shared a brief and subtle reaction to his portrayal of the character during the Star Wars show's finale. 

In his post from X (formerly Twitter), Esfandi said that it was "an honor" to play Ezra Bridger alongside a slew of emojis namely a praying one, raising hands, heart on fire, clapping, and saluting face.

Eman Esfandi's post on X

The reason why Esfandi didn't directly reference Ahsoka in his post is due to the ongoing Hollywood actors' strike by the Screen Actors Guild, which prohibits members of the SAG-AFTRA from promoting their projects for major movie studios. 

Despite the ongoing actor's strike, Eman Esfandi has been finding ways to share his excitement about his debut as the live-action Ezra Bridger.

The Star Wars newcomer previously shared a brief yet blunt reaction to his debut in Episode 6

“[Not gonna lie,] I’m buzzin’ [right now.]"

Esfandi also posted a series of reactions to his arrival, with him acknowledging Ezra's new emoji, the character's first poster, and geeking out over his first actual appearance as the character. 

What Is Next for Ezra Bridger?

Once the Hollywood actors' strikes are resolved, it will be exciting to hear and watch Eman Esfandi go all-out in breaking his silence about his Star Wars debut as Ezra Bridger. 

Despite the fact that Esfandi only had brief reactions, the actor still made sure that he helped boost the hype and anticipation for Ahsoka's run on Disney+.

At this point, it is unknown when and where Ezra will show up again. 

There has been no confirmation yet on whether Disney+ will move forward with Ahsoka Season 2. Still, if the Rosario Dawson-led series is renewed, then it's a safe bet that Ezra's story will continue there. 

While it would be exciting to see Ezra show up in other projects like The Mandalorian Season 4 and Skeleton Crew, seeing him in those Disney+ shows could eventually open more questions than answers. 

For example, fans could ask why Ezra is hanging around with Din Djarin and Grogu in The Mandalorian Season 4 instead of trying to find Thrawn and help Hera map out a plan to bring Ahsoka and Sabine home. 

All episodes of Ahsoka are streaming on Disney+.

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