Marvel's Eternals: New Scenes Featuring Angelina Jolie & Don Lee Revealed In Korean Teaser

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In just a few weeks, Marvel Studios is set to add its 26th theatrical outing to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming release of Eternals.

Boasting the talents of an Academy Award-winning director and a dozen Hollywood A-listers in the film's cast, Eternals has the chance to add a special story to the MCU's long-standing narrative. Utilizing stunning real-world locations while taking a deep trip thousands of years into the past, Marvel has more than enough material to showcase the highlights of multiple time periods.

With the theatrical release nearing its arrival, the team behind this movie is ramping up its promotional tour to bring new levels of hype.

After two full Eternals trailers from May and August, Marvel Studios is largely utilizing TV spots and interviews to bring the core heroes' stories and powers into the spotlight. This endeavor is one that's taking place worldwide, as shown by new footage that came in a recent spot.

New Eternals Footage Shows Deviant Closeup  

A Korean teaser trailer for Marvel Studios' Eternals showed new scenes from the MCU's upcoming theatrical release.

Eternals Footage 1, Ikaris

This teaser gives a rare shot of Earth outside the atmosphere, with Richard Madden's Ikaris looking down on the planet from the stars.

Eternals Footage 2, Gilgamesh

Don Lee's Gilgamesh is seen extending his hand toward Angelina Jolie's Thena. This follows up on a scene from the movie's first full trailer, also showing what appears to be a hologram of a Celestial or Deviant in the background.

Eternals Footage 3, Thena

The trailer gives a new shot of Angelina Jolie's Thena interacting with Gilgamesh as her eyes glow completely white. This is likely showing how the two characters work together to get Thena through her mental struggles. 

Eternals Footage 4, Gilgamesh

The trailer also gives a second look at Gilgamesh in an extended version of his fight against a large Deviant. Giving an excited smile, he rubs his fists together before diving into battle against the Deviant monster.

Eternals Footage 5, Deviant

The monstrous Deviant is shown off in all its glory, featuring the being's horns and giant legs in action.

Taking place in an ancient Middle-Eastern land, this battle will be something to look forward to as Gilgamesh shows his power.

Eternals Footage 6, Gilgamesh

Featuring Gilgamesh once again, Don Lee sits in civilian clothing as he says they "will take that chance" in response to a call to battle. 

Eternals Footage 7, Gilgamesh Deviant

Gilgamesh gets another full action shot as he tackles his Deviant opponent. The glowing red Deviant eyes and intricate designs on Gilgamesh's wrists are highlighted as they use their powers against each other. 

The full trailer can be seen below:


Korea Featuring Its Native Son Don Lee

Considering that Don Lee is a native of Korea, it only makes sense that this new trailer features multiple new scenes for the country's newest MCU star.

Gilgamesh is regarded as one of the most physically powerful Eternals, which is put on full display as Lee's hero takes on the villainous Deviants in this trailer. Seemingly enhanced by the energy that comes from his hands, Don Lee showcases not only how strong his character is, but also how confident he is in a fight against a formidable opponent.

While the trailer showed Don Lee's hero side, fans also get a look at his loving and caring nature with the shot of him extending his hand toward Angelina Jolie's Thena.

Reports have detailed how Gilgamesh will play the role of protector to Thena as she deals with the Eternals' version of dementia, meaning he will have to utilize a great deal of empathy and patience with the team's leader in battle.

These new scenes help to expand on material that fans have previously seen, although Marvel continues to do a great job of keeping the plot a mystery as well. As the coming weeks pass, more material like this should surface, pushing forward the hype train for the MCU's potential award winner.

Eternals will release in theaters on November 5.

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