When Will Dune 2 Start Streaming? Max Reveals May 2024 Release Schedule Without Movie

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As Dune 2 remains off Max's monthly release schedule, the 2024 blockbuster's streaming prospects remain in question.

Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two came to theaters on March 1, earning stellar reviews and a hefty payday for Warner Bros. (read more about Dune 2's fruitful box office run here).

Since then, no word on the film's streaming availability has been made public, but the Arrakian epic is available on digital storefronts like Apple TV and Google Play as of April 2. 

Max Releases Streaming Schedule Without Dune 2

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Warner Bros.

Dune 2 was yet again left off Max's monthly catalog update, as the film's streaming release has yet to be announced. 

The Warner-owned streamer announced its release schedule for May, and - despite speculation to the contrary - Dune 2 was nowhere to be seen. 

Max's May 2024 release slate includes heavy hitters like Silver Linings Playbook (May 1), George Miller's original Mad Max trilogy (May 1), Eddie the Eagle (May 1), The Florida Project (May 1), and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 26).

All hope is not lost though. Just because Dune 2 is not included in Max's release schedule for the month does not necessarily mean it will not come to the service in May. 

Warner Bros. typically does not include its biggest films on its monthly Max streaming updates (i.e. The Flash and Barbie).

Instead, the studio usually opts to make a marketing beat of itself out of the announcement and eventual release of long-awaited new movies like Dune: Part Two

When Will Dune 2 Come to Streaming?

 While yet another monthly Max release schedule goes by without any update on Dune 2's streaming plan, fans should not worry too much. 

The movie, which has become 2024's biggest box office earner thus far, is simply enjoying its time in the limelight, as Warner Bros. continues to juice the Dune 2 orange as best it can. 

Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi sequel only just came to digital for purchase on April 2. 

Seeing as the movie's Blu-ray release is planned for Tuesday, May 14, one can assume its streaming debut is not far behind. 

During Warner Bros. Discovery's Q4 2023 earnings call in February, CEO David Zaslav posited Dune 2 will begin streaming "in the spring."

With only weeks left in Spring 2024, the film coming to Max must be imminent. 

At the time of writing, the best expectation for when Dune: Part Two will come to the streamer is late May or early June, finally allowing subscribers to watch the movie as they please. 

Dune: Part Two is available for purchase now digitally. 

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