When Will Dune 2 Start Streaming Online?

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Dune: Part Two continues its theatrical run as fans wait to see when its official online and streaming release dates will arrive.

Warner Bros.' latest addition to the Dune legacy has fans abuzz from all angles, from the real-world Dune 2 popcorn buckets to every jaw-dropping moment in the film's 166-minute runtime.

The sequel even set a record as the highest-rated movie ever on IMDb for director Denis Villeneuve, leaving many to wonder just how long it will be until Dune 2 is more widely accessible for viewers to see at home.

Dune 2 Gets Disappointing Online Release Date Update

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@WhenToStream initially shared a tweet via X that Dune: Part Two's online release date was set for Tuesday, April 2.

This would have also arrived as Dune 2 was listed for a May 14 release on Blu-ray, which would be 74 days after its theatrical debut date (if accurate).

However, WhenToStream has since provided an update about Dune: Part Two's online release date via X, indicating that the reported April 2 date was incorrect and that the movie will not be released on this day.

The site clarified that the previous reporting was not an April Fool's prank and was an honest mistake, leaving Dune 2's VOD release date up in the air.

So, when could Dune: Part Two actually come to online platforms?

Comparing the Dune sequel to Margot Robbie's similarly lucrative juggernaut, Barbie hit online storefronts 53 days after its theatrical release date.

With Dune 2 continuing to conquer the box office, it's possible that it could follow a similar release path to Barbie. If it does, this would put Dune: Part Two's online release date a bit later in the month, potentially sometime around April 22.

When Will Dune 2 Begin Streaming? (Update)

At the time of release, Dune 2 had the highest opening weekend box office gross (per Deadline) of any movie in 2024 along with the biggest total gross of any movie this year at over $620 million (per Box Office Mojo).

While Warner Bros. (WB) is set to eventually bring this sequel to Max, Dune 2's early success could give the studio reason to hold off on bringing it to digital platforms or the streaming service too soon.

Interestingly, company CEO David Zaslav noted at WB's Q4 Earnings call that the sequel is expected to hit Max in Spring 2024, which could be anytime before mid-June. It should be noted that Zaslav has given premature Max release windows in the past though, previously suggesting that Barbie would hit the streamer last fall despite it eventually arriving on the service in mid-December 2023.

Most of WB's recent releases, including the final movies from the DCEU, have hit Max somewhere between 63 and 70 days after debuting in theaters.

However, two notable exceptions to that standard were Blue Beetle (91 days) and Barbie (147 days), particularly after Barbie became the world's highest-grossing movie in 2023.

Dune 2 could follow a route close to that of Barbie, being held back from a Max release for more than the previously-mentioned 63-70-day window to boost box office sales.

While the sandy sequel could potentially be available for all fans to stream on Max by sometime in May if it follows most of WB's output, the wait may be longer should it keep up this excellent run financially. If it does try to emulate Barbie's release strategy, this would put its streaming release date somewhere around late July.

Dune: Part Two is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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